The Married Couples of ‘Dolce Amore’

Tomorrow night, August 26, Friday, the primetime series “Dolce Amore” starring Enrique Gil and Liza Soberano will have The Most Beautiful Finale. Before this top-rating teleserye officially ends, let us list down the married couples from the series that showed us the different meanings of amore.

1. Dodoy (Edgar Mortiz) and Taps (Rio Locsin)

Dodoy and Taps Ibarra are the adoptive parents of Tenten (Enrique Gil) and the biological parents of Binggoy (Kean Cipriano). Taps was a cook in the orphanage where Tenten was in and he witnessed him grow up with no families who wanted to adopt him. Later on, she and her husband Dodoy decided to welcome him to their family.

During their 25th wedding anniversary celebration prepared by their two sons, they have shown that even though their marriage is not perfect, it can last the test of time. Their life as a married couple went through many challenges including the death of Binggoy but they survived everything together because of their withstanding love and support for each other.

2. Uge (Andrew E) and Alice (Sunshine Cruz)

Uge and Alice Urtola are the biological parents of Serena (Liza Soberano) and Angel (Sue Ramirez). Alice was a nurse and a refugee in Askovia but she was separated from her husband Uge and two daughters after an explosion during a war. After few years of searching, their daughter Angel found their long-lost daughter Serena and they were finally reunited with her.

Their marriage was hugely affected when a huge tragedy literally separated them, but they have shown that their marriage can endure these obstacles because their love for each other found a way for them to be reunited. They have exemplified that marriage is a commitment to someone and it means never giving up on each other.

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