The Magic of Dolce Amore: The LizQuen kilig lives on
Ever since Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil paired up in Forevermore, their tandem has been challenging everyone’s #relationshipgoals. Now, the kilig lives on as Dolce Amore continues to conquer Philippine television with its consistent high ratings and positive feedback from viewers. While the story of Serena and Tenten isn’t really something we haven’t seen before, LizQuen and co. still manages to bring something fresh and new to the plate every night. What exactly keeps Dolce Amore’s magic alive?

The Natural Chemistry of LizQuen

This effortless chemistry has got every hopeless romantic gushing over the love team’s kilig moments on every social media platform possible. Sure Enrique Gil has worked with different leading ladies in the past, but it was pairing up with Liza Soberano that gave birth to an unexpected hit. With friendship at the core of their partnership–Liza considers Quen as her “bestest” friend- this special bond is the fuel that keeps LizQuen’s romantic motor running.

Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil’s Individuality

While their chemistry is undeniable, what’s great is that both of them can also stand alone on their own. Looking at their past projects, you’d see how much improvement they’ve made. And apart from being heralded as one of the most photogenic young couples, the tandem also puts a lot of hard work into improving their craft. In an interview with, Liza even mentioned that she wants people to look past her looks. And from the looks of it, the two are getting better and better at it.

The Wonderful Team Behind Dolce Amore

Before Dolce Amore went into production, Enrique previously expressed that he was happy to be working with the same team that handled their previous teleserye. After all, people still cling to their Forevermore chemistry. And add to that a powerhouse cast, a pool of great writers, and a phenomenal storyline, the LizQuen tandem can do no wrong.

The Perfect Formula

One thing we’ve noticed about the writers of the show is their knack for injecting cute, little symbolic moments in their episodes. They have discovered the secret to formula to making its viewers have sleepless nights due to excessive kilig. Just like in Forevermore’s "Kambal na Strawberry" story.

Dolce Amore also offers little nuggets of love within its story, just like the “Kwento ng Alitaptap”.

It Challenges to the Hugot Generation 

We now live in a world where every moment calls for a need to say the comic millennial hugot, "Walang Forever". While the best of us remain skeptic, LizQuen’s chemistry comes off so real that it challenges everyone’s pessimistic feels. Whether people believe that “Forever” exists or not, Dolce Amore makes people feel something real, even just for a while.