The Different Kinds of Amore in ‘Dolce Amore’ Part 2

4. Amore for a spouse

Tatay Dodoy (Edgar Mortiz) and Nanay Taps proclaimed their eternal love for each other in a special ceremony to celebrate their wedding anniversary prepared by their two sons Tenten and Binggoy (Kean Cipriano).

5. Amore for a sibling

Serena expressed her love for her biological sister Angel (Sue Ramirez) by spending quality time with her and trying to catch up for all the years that they’ve been apart.

6. Amore for a significant other

Serena professed her love to Tenten by finally admitting her true feelings to him and choosing to love him even after all the trials that they’ve been through.

Let us join Tenten and Serena as they #ChooseAmore #ChooseLove until the very end. Don’t miss the last two weeks of “Dolce Amore”, Mondays to Fridays after “FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano” only in ABS-CBN Primetime Bida.

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