5 Unforgettable Characters From ‘Dolce Amore’

“Dolce Amore” will have The Most Beautiful Finale this Friday, August 26. Before the top-rating primetime teleserye officially ends, let us list down 5 unforgettable characters from the series, some that we loved and some that we hated.

1. Alvin “Binggoy” Ibarra (Kean Cipriano)

He is the biological son of Tatay Dodoy (Edgar Mortiz) and Nanay Taps (Rio Locsin) and the adoptive brother of Tenten (Enrique Gil). Unfortunately, he died when the jeepney he was in fell off the road during the second chapter of the teleserye.

2. Gian Carlo De Luca (Matteo Guidicelli)

He was the bestfriend of Serena (Liza Soberano) when she was still in Italy. He eventually became Tenten’s rival to Serena’s heart. Later in the series, he was so madly in love with Serena that he did everything to make her marry him. However, he died on their supposed wedding day.

3. River Cruz (Joseph Marco)

He is the grandson of the owner of the properties that Tenten wanted to buy as one of the wishes of Binggoy. In exchange to seal the deal, he asked Tenten to search for a girl he saw in his building, which happened to be Serena. Like Giancarlo, he eventually became Tenten’s rival to Serena’s heart.

4. Favio De Luca (Alvin Anson)

He is the uncle of Gian Carlo who manipulated him to do certain things. He was one of the people behind Binggoy's death. Everyone thought he died with Gian Carlo but later on, it was revealed that he survived the incident and he planned to avenge the death of his nephew.

5. Angela “Angel” Urtola (Sue Ramirez)

She is the biological daughter of Uge (Andrew E.) and Alice (Sunshine Cruz). She became a famous singer who used her fame to find her long-lost biological sister Serena. During the second chapter of the series, she had a short-lived romance with Tenten. When they broke up, she also had several encounters with Binggoy.

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