Jodi quizzes public health expert on COVID-19 amid MECQ in Doc Knows Best

Now that we’re in the midst of a pandemic, not to mention the sudden changes in our weather, it’s definitely inevitable for us not to get anxious about our and our loved ones’ health. As most of our doctors, nurses, and health workers are currently tasked to treat patients infected with coronavirus disease (COVID-19), we couldn’t help but be worried on to whom we could consult for our other medical concerns.

While there are already physicians who offer their services online free-of-charge, ABS-CBN also launched its own online consultation program that can be our ally when it comes to health and wellness concerns – Doc Knows Best – which kicked off last Saturday, May 16, and was hosted by Jodi Sta. Maria together with public health expert Dr Susan Mercado.

Beginning the show in a lighter note, the two talked about the TikTok videos of the actress-host and with the doctor telling her to teach her how those are being done. 

Dr Mercado then went on to give us the latest updates regarding COVID-19 and remind us to be more vigilant now that we’re already in the Modified Enhanced Community Quarantine (MECQ) by frequently washing our hands, wearing reusable face masks, and observing social distancing.

Jodi then quizzed her on the frequently asked questions regarding sore throat, colds, coughs, and fever, which are the common ailments we encounter, with the gregarious physician explaining the possible causes and treatments or home remedies of each.

Since these are also said to be the usual symptoms of COVID-19, Dr Mercado enumerated the signs when one should get himself/herself tested to know if he/she has already acquired the deadly disease, such as dry and prolonged cough, too painful sore throat, difficulty in breathing, and heavy chest.

She went on to discuss as well the difference between the two tests being done to determine if a person has COVID-19 – the swab test, which is carried out by collecting specimen by inserting a stick into the mouth, and rapid test, which is done by collecting blood to detect the presence of antibodies.

Dr Mercado also gave us a few pointers on how to take good care of our immune system, which is our main defense mechanism against sickness. This is by providing our body with good nutrition, drinking at least eight glasses of water a day, getting enough sleep, and taking our daily dose of Vitamin D through sunlight (take note, from 6:30 to 9:00 am only!).  

The first episode of Doc Knows Best concluded with Jodi throwing in the questions sent by our Kapamilya followers on the social media platforms of ABS-CBN, which Dr Mercado enthusiastically and succinctly answered.

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