Symptoms, treatments and effects of a stroke revealed in Doc Knows Best on OKS

Incidences of stroke have been plaguing people for ages, and this is certainly one relevant topic discussed in Episode 2 of “Doc Knows Best” presented by Jodi Sta. Maria and Dr. Susan Mercado on Online Kapamilya Shows (OKS) on Saturday, May 23.

The episode tackled the nature, symptoms, medication and treatments of a stroke from a renowned neurologist Dr. Epi Collantes, Head of Stroke Services of the Philippine General Hospital.

Dr. Collantes defined a stroke as a medical condition wherein certain impediments to blood vessels connected to the brain result in poor blood flow that damages the brain.

She stated being at the age of 65 and above, and having a family history of the disease, as among the permanent risk factors. However, there are certain risk factors that are modifiable, such as regular control of blood pressure, blood sugar, and cholesterol levels, and making healthy lifestyle choices, such as avoiding excessive smoking, alcohol, and obesity. She also emphasized substance abuse as a serious risk factor and should be avoided.

Dr. Collantes likewise debunked certain myths about stroke. This includes demystifying a notion that the illness only affects the elderly, saying anyone, even children, can be at risk. She also said that while men have twice the likelihood of suffering a stroke, anyone could also be at risk.

Dr. Collantes also said that even if patients would seem to not carry symptoms of stroke anymore, regular consultations and medications are still necessary.

She also stressed that warning signs of a stroke can be immediately detected. If one seem to have trouble walking, his/her eyesight becomes blurred, face would appear crooked, feel numbness in the arms, and have problems in speaking, he or she needs emergency care.

While waiting for an ambulance or other forms of transportation, it is important to take the patient’s blood pressure and sugar levels, or have the patient sit down or lie down on his or her side, Dr. Collantes said. The patient needs to undergo urgent stroke treatment within four to five hours to reverse the condition.

Physical effects of a stroke, Dr. Collantes said, include personality disorders, analytical or creative or communications defects, loss of consciousness or comatose, paralysis, and loss of eyesight.

She also emphasized that a stroke is recoverable, using available medications and treatment, including physical therapy sessions to reinvigorate the body. For those who may experience symptoms or have recovered from a mild or major stroke, it is important to have regular consultations with your doctor to avoid manifestations or recurrences of a stroke.

Learn more about preventing, handling and treating a stroke in this episode of “Doc Knows Best.”

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