6 Most Hated Villains in ‘Doble Kara’ Part 2

4. Alex (played by Maxene Magalona)

Alex is the younger sister of Seb, the stepdaughter of Barbara and the accomplice of Lucille in her schemes. She arrived at the hospital and had an intense confrontation with Sara. She then slapped Sara, blaming her of Seb’s accident.

5. Hannah (played by Myel de Leon)

Hannah is the adopted daughter of Kara and Seb and the adopted cousin of Rebecca (Krystal Mejes). She made a scene in their school and she accused Rebecca of stealing her headband.

6. Sara (played by Julia Montes)

Sara is the daughter of Laura (Mylene Dizon) and Antonio and the twin sister of Kara. She pushed and slapped Kara during an intense confrontation with her twin sister.

More conflict will arise this August in “Doble Kara” as the show celebrates its first year anniversary. As Kara finds out that Becca is her long lost daughter, Sara will not easily surrender her right as a mother.

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