Doble Galing at Doble Husay: Julia Montes' Best Scenes in ‘Doble Kara’

The "Daytime Drama Queen" has proven that she's worthy of the title after showcasing powerful scenes and heavy-acting in the hit daytime teleserye "Doble Kara." The role is not just any other portrayal since she plays both Sara and Kara, twin daughters of Laura (Mylene Dizon) and Ishmael (Ariel Rivera). In addition, the two characters have opposite traits, mannerisms, facial expressions, and even way of speaking after growing up in different homes and even different lifestyles. Let's take a look at Julia Montes' most memorable scenes in the teleserye that definitely show her versatility as an actress.

1. Sara slaps Kara

Only Julia can do a dramatic self-sampal.


2. Self versus Self

In storytelling, there is such a thing as a self versus self conflict. Of course, that isn't the case for the story of the Doble Kara twins. But for Julia behind the camera, that seems to be what's going on.


3. Self-hatred

Sara asks Kara about Edward (Edgar Allan Guzman) and warns her that she should stay away from him. This ignites the ill feelings they have towards each other.


4. Who is Envious of Whom?

Sara dares Kara to stay and not go with Antonio (Allen Dizon) to the United States. As it turns out, Sara wants to be with Antonio.


5. Julia as Sara as Kara

As if double portrayal isn't enough, Julia plays that character of Sara who boldly plans to impersonate her twin. Soft-hearted Kara is afraid that Antonio and Lucille (Carmina Villaroel) might find out the truth.


6. Sara and Kara work together

Julia proved she can work her other self when Kara and Sara rushed to the house of Lucille to confront her about their inheritance from Antonio.

7. Heated Arguments

In doing heated arguments and confrontation scenes, Julia proved versatility in acting with her other self. Her two characters had a heated argument because of their daughters Becca (Krystal Mejes) and Hannah (Myel De Leon), which was stopped by Laura and Kara’s husband, Seb (Sam Milby).

8. Dramatic Scenes

More challenging than confrontation scenes are dramatic scenes. Julia had to act emotional scenes twice, both as Kara and Sara. Sara showed her support to her sister in finding Isabella, Kara’s biological daughter, who’s actually Becca, Sara’s adopted daughter.

9. Opposite personalities

Julia’s biggest challenge was portraying two characters that have opposite traits, mannerisms, facial expressions, and even way of speaking. She had to differentiate the personality of Kara from the personality of Sara through her portrayal since the two grew up in different homes and different lifestyles.

10. Julia as two different mothers

In the series, the characters Kara and Sara both became mothers. Aside from playing two different personalities of twins, Julia also had to portray two different personalities of them as mothers.

Have you doubled your respect for this young actress?