REVIEW: Thrilling scenes drive impressive Doble Kara finale

While most teleserye finales end with filling up story holes and connecting the dots in the narratives, the last episode of the over-a-year-long-running Doble Kara thrills us well-executed suspenseful scenes one after another.

It made viewers thrilled with all the telltale climactic encounters impressively heightened and emphasized in the episode. The final scenes were superbly executed with breakout performances that really impressed everyone watching.


Yes, face-offs are very much a teleserye staple but with how Alex (Maxene Magalona) expressed her manic wrath really hits you hard and makes you scream for anyone else in the scene to do something about it.

Sara and Kara (Julia Montes), together with their mom Laura (Mylene Dizon) were taken hostage with Lucille’s (Carmina Villaroel) help and you can’t really expect anything brute from Seb (Sam Milby) or Edward (Edgar Allan Guzman), who were outmuscled by Alex’s minions in that siege. Alex even had the audacity to demand Kara to kill her sister by giving her the gun she was holding, in exchange for her mother’s life—just to exact revenge for making her life miserable.

As Alex gave Kara the ultimatum to pull the trigger, she instead fired the gun upwards that triggered a commotion. In the chaos, Alex got hold of the gun and fired at Kara, leaving her bloodied and unconscious.

Escape try

Alex then tried to escape but was surrounded by responding police officers urging her to surrender. Even with half-brother Seb’s pleas to lay down her arms, Alex still fired her gun relentlessly, prompting the police operatives to retaliate with a hail of bullets ending her life.

And, as the horrors ceased, with Alex’s death, Kara had recuperated in the hospital while her child Becca had received the necessary organ transplant—all with the help of Sara.

Finally, after years of struggle and conflict that tore their family apart, Sara and Kara now share the joys of a happy family, with their mom Laura, and their husbands Seb and Edward with their children Hannah and Becca —all finally at peace with Lucille given a second chance to reform herself in a mental institution.

It was one ending that surely sent us to the edge of our seats with each gripping scene, thanks to the creative leadership of directors Emmanuel Q. Palo, Trina M. Dayrit, and Jojo A. Saguin. We all marvel at the way Julia Montes has further grown to be a fine actress as she not only took on the challenge of playing a difficult dual role but also effectively made those characters distinctive and identifiable as two totally different personalities.

Astounding thespian

But what really caught our attention was witnessing Maxene Magalona evolve as an astounding thespian. Her portrayal was truly deep and nerve-wracking and she was so totally immersed with the character that you’d think she was possessed. It’s a sign of better things to come for her.

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