7 Impressive Moments of Julia Montes as Kara and Sara

Every afternoon in “Doble Kara”, Julia Montes shows her acting prowess by portraying Kara and Sara, twin sisters that have very conflicting personalities. Because of her convincing portrayals, she makes us believe that Kara and Sara are acted by completely two different people, or it makes the televiewers wonder if Julia Montes actually has a twin in real life. Let us look back at some of Julia’s compelling and impressive moments as she portrayed both Kara and Sara.

Kara and Sara rushed to the house of Kara’s adoptive mother, Lucille (Carmina Villaroel), to confront her about their inheritance from their biological father, Antonio (Allen Dizon).

The sisters had a huge confrontation in front of their godmother Itoy (John Lapus) and parents Ishmael (Ariel Rivera) and Laura (Mylene Dizon), which ended with Kara slapping her twin sister.

They had a heated argument because of their daughters Becca (Krystal Mejes) and Hannah (Myel De Leon), which was stopped by Laura and Kara’s husband, Seb (Sam Milby).

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