WATCH: “Dirty Linen” young stars as ‘kasambahay’ in the Fiero mansion

The young stars of Dirty Linen took us inside the infamous Fiero mansion, but this time, as house helpers. In episode 5 of Dirty Linen All Access, Francine Diaz, Seth Fedelin, Xyriel Manabat, Raven Rigor, Angelica Lao, Sean Tristan, Lance Carr, and CJ Navato trained with Manang Precious (Rubi Rubi) as housekeepers – and they were all impressive.

At the beginning of the video, Manang Precious discussed the dos and don’ts inside the mansion. If you’re an avid follower of the teleserye, you would know the basic rules such as “bawal matanong” and “bawal ang maingay.”

For the “Kasambahay Challenge,” she tasked Seth, Sean, and CJ to wash a car, while Lance was exempted due to his injury. Xyriel , Raven, and Angelica were ordered to rake up leaves in the garden, while Francine did light ironing.

What made this episode enjoyable was the rib-tickling banter between Manang Precious and her ‘trainees’. She was in character throughout, but they found the antidote to her perennially miffed personality: just the mention of Mang Abe (Joel Torre)’s name. Haha!

She also demonstrated the proper way to do domestic work. She jestingly related sweeping to dancing and showed the “in and out” technique of car-washing. 

Meanwhile, she had a difficult time teaching Francine the proper way of ironing clothes, as the latter was in Chiara’s body. Nico (Seth) took over, then, Ador (Epy Quizon) entered the scene and made things hilariously chaotic.

At the end of the challenge, Manang Precious gave her evaluation for the substitute helpers. First, on Sean, she noticed he lacked energy, “Bago ka magtrabaho, mag-almusal ka muna.” She rated him 7/10. On CJ, she thought he was determined, hence a score of 9/10. Then, she remarked about the passion in Seth’s eyes and performance, “Pagod na kami, pagod na sila kakahawak ng camera, pero ikaw, ayaw mo pang tumigil.” She gave him a whopping 12/10 rating.

On the other hand, her comment on Raven was, “Wala ka naman masyadong nawalis” and graded him 7/10. Manang Precious then lauded Xyriel for having fun while doing the chores, “Feeling mo hirap na hirap na siya kasi mas malaki pa yung walis kesa sa kanya pero nag-e-enjoy pa rin siya sa ginagawa niya.” The verdict: a perfect 10!

On Angelica, what she liked about her was she gave her best while looking gorgeous: “Na-surprise ako kasi sa haba ng kuko, sa haba ng pilikmata, sa putok na putok na blush on, masipag pa rin.”LOL! Her mark was 8/10.

Lastly, she noted that Francine was downplaying her ironing skills. She knew Francine had it in her even though she pretended to be the spoiled rich girl Chiara throughout the challenge, “Nakikita ko na kahit binubudol mo lang ako, marunong ka mag-plantsa.” Since Francine asked for it, Manang Precious rated her 12/10.

That was a fun episode, as we got to see the Dirty Linen cast take on a new challenge!