Seth Fedelin opens up about his family, career to Tessie Tomas

The charming and talented Seth Fedelin was interviewed by his Dirty Linen co-star Tessie Tomas in the latter’s recent vlog episode. So, if you’re curious about his family, creative process, and whether or not he wants to take his friendship with Francine Diaz to the next level, this video will give you all the answers.

Seth talked about the challenges of portraying Nico Sinag in Dirty Linen, which, he said, is keeping the character as effortless as possible. He wants Nico to fit like a second skin. And to fuel his motivation, he watches movies and looks up to chameleon actors Johnny Depp, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Denzel Washington.

The Kapamilya heartthrob has been part of the industry since 2019 after joining Pinoy Big Brother. And without sounding arrogant, he acknowledges that it has been an amazing and swift journey to stardom – all because of God. He also believes that his love for his father, whose health condition inspired him to join showbiz, was sort of a lucky charm.

He doesn’t shy away from sharing his tragic experiences in life. When he was 12, his then-37-year-old father had a stroke, thus he felt the need to shoulder a bigger responsibility. Thinking that it would be more practical to quit his studies, he instead auditioned for PBB Otso with pocket money from his dad.

The reality show changed his family’s life and financial health. Through all the successes, Seth remains grounded because he learned from his parents. He shared that his mother is a humble woman. One time, he asked her to buy whatever bag she fancies. A woman with privilege is expected to pick a luxury item but Seth’s mom was content with a ‘tiangge’ bag that costs less than Php 500.

Apart from humility, he appreciates learning discipline from her. Though his mom lets him go out and enjoy his youth, she reminds him to avoid trouble as a mature young man should. That’s why unlike other guys his age, he takes life and his responsibilities seriously and prioritizes his family’s needs even more than his own wants. “Maaga ko na-realize na hindi habambuhay nandiyan ang magulang mo. At obligasyon mo rin tulungan ang magulang mo,” he related.

Seth also answered questions about his love team partner Francine Diaz, his best friend. He admitted they clicked right away when they first met in 2019, probably because of their many similarities. He thinks they are both kind, family-oriented, and mature for their age. It’s also a factor that they’re both from Cavite. He added that he finds Francine’s grouchiness or ‘pagsusungit’ attractive.

Dirty Linen gives them a new challenge since it’s their first time working as a loveteam. He acknowledged the awkwardness, which they manage to work on since they’re good friends. From there, Tessie asked if Francine also considers Seth her best friend, to which he jestingly replied, “Baka nga crush niya ako, eh.”

Francine and Seth get along well. Asked where their closeness is headed, Seth mentioned that they haven’t talked about romance or taking their friendship to the next level. They both know each other’s priorities – work and family. But, they are not closing their doors to every possibility.

“Sinabi ko sa kanya na kung dalhin man tayo ng panahon o ihip ng hangin doon sa mga gano’ng sitwasyon ng buhay, siguro ‘yun na ‘yung panahon. Pero sa ngayon hindi pa, eh.”

At one point during the interview, Tessie observed Seth’s resemblance to Daniel Padilla. He laughed, which meant it wasn’t the first time he heard the compliment, although sometimes he wonders if it is really a good thing. Seth already clarified many times that he isn’t copying Daniel. However, he dreams of having blockbuster movies like the Supreme Idol. He also wishes to make action series or films.

Seth is no doubt one of his generation’s most popular stars. Yet, he never lets fame get to his head. Sometimes he even forgets that he’s an actor. He would walk outside the house without slippers on, then his neighbors would ask for selfies and he would be reminded that he also has a responsibility to look presentable.

In the mood to reflect, Seth mentioned that he is proud of the person he has become. And, yes, he deserves to be proud of himself because everything he has, he worked hard for.

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