Alexa & Aidan scenes in Dirty Linen

Alexa (Janine Gutierrez) promised there’ll be no mercy once she steps inside the Fiero mansion to exact revenge. However, viewers are beginning to wonder if her softness toward Aidan (Zanjoe Marudo) is getting real.

Check out their recent scenes in Dirty Linen via this Kapamilya Toplist, and tell us if you think there is romance blossoming between them.

They first met as kids when Alexa sneaked inside the Fiero household to ask for her mother Olivia (Dolly de Leon)’s whereabouts. Sixteen years later, they crossed paths through an accident plotted by Alexa and her friends to get their revenge rolling.

After the accident, she went to the Fiero abode as instructed but disguised as Mila. Instead of taking the monetary compensation Doña Cielo (Tessie Tomas) offered, she asked if she could be hired as a house helper, saying she’d rather work hard for the money she will use for her sibling’s schooling. Before Alexa managed to leave, Aidan approached her to ask if they have seen each other prior to the accent. Though she clearly remembers, she replied that she’s just new in town.

In the next scene, Alexa had a bad fall as she tried to sneak inside the mansion through the windows. When Aidan came and asked what she was up to, Alexa explained that she was struggling to sleep and she didn’t know there is a curfew in the mansion. Aidan turned anxious at the sight of blood on Alexa’s wounded leg, but he managed to take off his shirt and ask her to cover her wound. He helped her get inside by unlocking the door with a secret key. They promised each other not to tell anybody what happened.

Alexa is a wise woman in that she knows when to sow ‘emotions’ in Aidan’s cold heart. During an event at Blazing Fiero Farms, she played with his favorite chicken named Thunder. They searched for the chicken after it ran loose, giving Alexa the chance to get close to Aidan and win him over. She displayed her funny and charming side by bantering with him and performing a chant that is said to attract animals.

Whether it was because of the chant or just pure luck, Alexa was able to get the chicken. They were both covered in mud after tripping while walking home. But instead of getting mad like he was a while ago, Aidan laughed it off and appeared comfortable with Alexa.

There was also a scene where he asked her to ride on the back seat of his motorbike, convinced that she had to leave due to an emergency.  He was pleased when Alexa approached and thanked him after.

In the final clip in this montage, Alexa slightly fell down the stairs as she was afraid to get caught eavesdropping on Carlos (John Arcilla) and Leona (Janice de Belen)’s conversation. Aidan helped her up and gently scolded her for her constant fall accidents. We viewers noticed the rare smile he bestowed when Alexa jestingly uttered, “Ikaw naman kasi, Sir, lagi kang late sa pagsalo.” 

Are these two falling for real?

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