FranSeth and Dirty Linen co-stars battle it out in an “adobo” cooking challenge

Dirty Linen young stars – Francine Diaz, Seth Fedelin, Xyriel Manabat, CJ Navato, Raven Rigor, Angelica Lao, and Sean Tristan – have already proven their acting potential as they take on serious dramatic sparring with veteran actors in their teleserye.

And if some of you are wondering what else these teens can do, well, they can whip up good adobo! In this edition of Dirty Linen All-Access, Team Boys and Team Girls showed their cooking chops as they took on the challenge to make a winning adobo. They must wow the judges, who are none other than their senior co-stars.

So, let the cook-off begin! The boys knew they can count on CJ, a Culinary Arts graduate, to lead their team to victory. Meanwhile, the girls relied on Angelica’s little kitchen expertise. By the looks of it, the girls will have a hard time winning.

The two teams had varying versions of preparing the classic Pinoy dish. The girls followed the traditional route by sautéing the garlic first, then adding the chicken and pouring in the vinegar, soy sauce, and water. Meanwhile, the boys opted to sear the chicken first to extract its flavors, then they sautéed the garlic, added the other ingredients, and simmered until more oil is expressed from the chicken.

In the middle of the challenge, Francine couldn’t help but be a ‘Marites.’ She would constantly check on the other group and compare their cooking. Director Andoy Ranay then assisted the boys, while executive producer Hazel Parfan saved the girls from trouble.

Xyriel jestingly asked the judges to look at the plating alone. But even the presentation was dominated by the boys, who made their finished product a lot more enticing by sprinkling it with chopped red onions and fresh greens, with saba banana on the side. The girls, on the other hand, kept it simple by topping it with minced garlic and chopped siling labuyo.

The first judge was John Arcilla, who thought the boys’ version was a treat to look at, “very commercial,” while the girls’ finished product looked traditional. Since he’s a vegetarian, he only tasted the sauce and then gave his vote to the girls’ team.

Joel Torre lauded Team Boys’ presentation as well. He thought it looked like a fusion of modern and traditional, while the other adobo, just by sight, already feels like home. He liked the one with fragrant smell and an interesting blend of spice and sweetness, which was the adobo of Francine’s team.

Tart Carlos thought the ‘prettier’ adobo is best enjoyed with rice “kasi masyado siyang malasa” while the other version was “very adobong bahay.” Rubi Rubi agreed, adding that the simpler adobo is a bit overcooked yet it hits the spot. Team Girls earned additional two points from Rubi Rubi and Tart.

Angel Aquino and Epy Quizon dropped witty comments about the two variations of adobo in front of them. Like the previous judges, they thought Team Boys’ adobo was perfectly plated, while the girls didn’t give much effort. Epy joked that the better-looking adobo is for the Fieros while the “bahala na” version is for the Pavias, or the ABEngers even, meaning one looked more expensive than the other. Nonetheless, Angel noted the simpler adobo’s “promising anghang.”

At first, they assumed that the boys made the less garnished adobo, but when Angel tasted it, she knew it was made by the girls “kasi may lambing.” Meanwhile, on the boys’ adobo, “Masarap naman siya pero kailangan mo ng maraming kanin – panlalaki talaga siya.” Their votes went to Team Girls.

Despite their struggles in cooking and their uncomplicated presentation, the girls still made the best dish, according to the judges. This only proves that Pinoys still prefer the traditional adobo.