Dirty o Hindi Dirty: FranSeth recalls hilariously relatable childhood memories

The newly-minted love team of Francine Diaz and Seth Fedelin will showcase their chemistry and acting brilliance in the Kapamilya series “Dirty Linen.” Before its much-awaited premiere, FranSeth guested on Kapamilya Chat and played the “Dirty o Hindi Dirty” Challenge. 

In the game, the host will give specific scenarios which FranSeth will gauge as either dirty or not dirty. For example, playing in the rain was said to be “not dirty.” Francine explained, “Hindi masaya ang childhood mo ‘pag hindi ka nag-swimming sa kanal.” Then, they argued on whether alulod is better than kanal. So naturally funny these two! 

The next situation is not taking a bath for a day because it’s cold. This is not a 'guilty or not guilty' game, Kapamilya. LOL! FranSeth thought it’d be fine as long as you didn’t get sweaty and if you took a bath the day before. What Francine considers dirty is “’pag pinawisan ka tapos pinatuyo mo sa aircon.” 

What about eating food that dropped on the floor? This scenario brought back a ton of childhood memories for FranSeth. As kids, they followed the five-second rule, which says food is okay to eat if you picked it up in 5 seconds. But, now as adults, they won’t suggest it, especially with the existence of viruses these days. 

On repeating clothes, they believe it is “hindi dirty” as long as the clothes smell fresh and are clean.

Asked about sharing a toothbrush, Francine laughed and confessed that she once accidentally swapped toothbrush with her sibling. 

FranSeth pulled out plenty of childhood scenarios from their memories – and most of them are hilariously dirty.