“Dirty Linen” young stars spill off-cam secrets as they react to comments about their show

The young stars of Dirty Linen – Francine Diaz, Seth Fedelin, and Xyriel Manabat, with Raven Rigor, CJ Navato, Angelica Lao, and Sean Tristan – are back to give us loads of good vibes via Dirty Linen All-Access Episode 3 titled “Mukbang And Chikahan With A Twist.”

This time, they kept it casual by reading and reacting to Twitter comments about their show during a mukbang. The youngsters enjoyed their feast of Pinoy merienda like turon, banana cue, ensaymada, fish ball, plus donuts and juice.

We learned interesting things about the teleserye and cast. When a Twitter user commented about Janice de Belen’s powerful stares, Francine and Xyriel, who get to share scenes with the veteran actress inside the fictitious Fiero mansion, shared that even they are stunned when looking her in the eye, not just Janice but also Angel Aquino and the rest of the senior actors.

Most of the reactions were praises about the cast’s acting prowess. There were positive reviews about Janine Gutierrez’s on-point “mata-mata” acting, prompting the young stars to turn their fangirl/fanboy mode on. Seth mentioned that Janine is full of surprises as an actress. And they’re amazed that she’s sweet in person, a stark contrast to her character Alexa/Mila’s fierce personality.

Netizens also lauded Xyriel. Some find her character funny, while there was one commenter who requested longer screen time for the young actress “kasi ang galing ni accla.” Though she downplayed the compliments by poking fun at herself, Xyriel was sincerely grateful. The viewers enjoy Xyriel, Seth, and Francine’s love triangle as well, and wish that Raven and Sean be given a ‘BL’ angle in the story.

Because of John Arcilla’s brilliance, some fans consider his ‘kontrabida’ character, Carlos, their favorite. Francine replied that it’s actually impossible to stick with just one favorite since every character is multifaceted.

The internet was enthralled by Dirty Linen’s pilot episode, specifically the scene showing the skeletons buried beneath the Fieros’ cockpit arena. Then, the camera panned to Tessie Tomas singing on stage, while the Fieros and Rolando/Abe (Joel Torre) stood in opposing directions. Xyriel divulged that this scene was perfected in one take. They also talked about Tessie’s very Gen-Z attitude on set, saying the veteran actress vlogs, thus she loves to take photos and videos.

People are also discussing Jennica Garcia and Christian Bables’ chemistry as Lala and Max. They can’t get enough of their funny scenes, like when Lala told Max, “Basta ikaw nanginginig pa.” FranSeth re-enacted the scene. Then, they shared that Jennica and Christian are close in real life. Seth disclosed, “Nag-e-eksena po kami. In character na lahat. Tapos may nakalimutan lang si Ate Jen na isang linya, tapos si Kuya Christian, in character na talaga, bigla niyang hinampas ‘yung hood ng sasakyan, sabi niya, ‘Linya mo!’”

It rained teases and laughter when the squad read comments about their good looks and chemistry, and checked out memes inspired by scenes from the show. These young stars agreed with a netizen’s observation about the pros of working in a passionate environment, and said they feel grateful and privileged to be working with a team of high caliber.

Watch out for more fun episodes of Dirty Linen All Access on ABS-CBN Entertainment’s YouTube channel.