Dirty Linen All Access Mall Show

After giving us a tour around the gorgeous Fiero Mansion in its inaugural episode last week, the young cast of Dirty Linen gave us a backstage pass to their mall show last May 6 as they gave us an exclusive peek to their shenanigans on-and-off-stage in this second episode of Dirty Linen All-Access.

Seth Fedelin commenced the episode by enthusiastically welcoming the viewers, along with his co-stars Sean Tristan, Raven Rigor, Angelica Lao, and CJ Navato. Glimpses of their performances and fun interactions with the fans, as well as their backstage shenanigans were shown, as well as the arrival of lead stars Janine Gutierrez and Zanjoe Marudo who also aroused the attendees with their presence and song numbers.

After the show, Angelica, CJ, and Seth then surprised three lucky fans named Vianca, Grace, and Cians, who got the chance to bond with them at the dressing room, as well as meet and take selfies with the other cast. The three lucky fans were also able to share their reasons on watching the controversial revenge drama. 

His onscreen partner Francine Diaz might not be there, but that didn’t stop Seth from making their castmates and ardent shippers kilig as he expressed his sweet message for her.

Seth, Raven, Sean, CJ, and Angelica capped off the episode by teasing the viewers on the more exciting episodes that we should all watch out for, as well as thanking everyone for continuously watching and supporting Dirty Linen

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