Directors, actors boast “Dirty Linen”’s brave storytelling, spectacular cast line up

Ever since Dreamscape Entertainment unveiled it in May 2022, the interest of avid Kapamilya viewers towards the upcoming teleserye Dirty Linen has been piqued not only because of the title and initial poster that hinted about its theme, but of its thought-provoking tagline, “stained by lies, washed by truth, handle with care” as well.

In the following months, we’re able to get a clearer picture of what it is going to be about through the teasers and the full trailer released on different ABS-CBN platforms. And a week before its highly anticipated premiere on January 23, 2023, its “The Making” video was published on ABS-CBN Entertainment’s official YouTube channel, wherein its brilliant directors and powerhouse cast further talked about the series and why it is indeed a must-see.

Based on the trailer, Dirty Linen will follow the intense and bloody battle of two parties – the aristocratic Fiero family who are going to be the antagonists and the group who will avenge their loved ones who died in the hands of the ruthless and crafty Fieros.

Direk Onat Diaz, who helmed the successful revenge series Wildflower in 2017, conveyed that its storytelling is “very propulsive.” He expounded that it’s not only the vengeance of only one person, but the clashes of many characters.

On the other hand, Direk Andoy Ranay, who ran The Good Son (2017) and The Broken Marriage Vow (2022), described it as “simula hanggang matapos talagang anytime may sasabog.” According to him, it is based on the idiomatic expression “Don’t wash your dirty linen in public,” which means private matters that can spark gossip and bring distress and embarrassment once exposed.

Its stellar cast also introduced their respective characters one-by-one, starting off with 78th Venice International Film Festival Volpi Cup for Best Actor winner John Arcilla, who plays Carlos Fiero, an insecure and violent man who turns his frustrations into violence. This marks his reunion with Janice de Belen, who portrays the role of his tough, determined, and defiant wife Leona Fiero. It can be recalled that they prior to Dirty Linen, they portrayed husband and wife in the Janella Salvador-starrer Oh My G! in 2015.

Another member of the affluent Fiero family is Angel Aquino, who depicts Feliz Fiero-Pavia, a woman who badly yearns for love, attention, and appreciation from her family. Playing as her husband Ador Pavia is Epy Quizon, the unwanted in-law of the Fiero family who will do anything for love. Xyriel Manabat will portray the role of their daughter Antonette, whose jealous of her cousin (Francine Diaz), while Raven Rigor will be their protective son Clint.

From amusing us and rending our hearts with the previous characters she played, veteran actress Tessie Tomas will enkindle our rage as Doña Cielo, the manipulative and wicked matriarch of the Fiero family. Andrea del Rosario also takes part in this much-awaited series as Atty. Olga Arguelles, whose life will be shattered by the relationship she got herself into.

JC Santos as Senior Police Inspector Lemuel Onore, the policeman who will be in-charge of investigating the crime involving the Fieros. Susan Africa will play his mom Pilar, who’s traumatized by the deaths of her husband and her eldest son. Acclaimed character actor Soliman Cruz’s role Aljandro Isidro, who probably has knowledge with the Fiero’s crime, is seemingly related with their characters.

Veteran actor Joel Torre, meanwhile, will depict dual roles Rolando Sinag and Abe, a nice and fun-loving man working for the Fieros who can also get ferocious when the need arises.

Christian Bables, whose dream of depicting a complex yet emphatic character came true through Max Dionisio. Meanwhile, this serves as one of Jennica Garcia’s comeback project after a long time of taking a break from showbiz, as she plays the feisty and hardworking woman named Lala Millado.

Dirty Linen is topbilled by Zanjoe Marudo as Aidan Fiero, the “golden boy” of the affluent family who continues to bare the traumatic experience he had in his younger years; Francine Diaz as Chiara Fiero, the daughter of Carlos and Leona who does everything to get their approval; Seth Fedelin as Nico Sinag, the son of Rolando; and Janine Gutierrez as Alexa Salvacion a.k.a. Mila, the daughter of one of the former maids of the Fiero family who died while working for them many years ago.

Aside from talking about their characters, the powerhouse cast also disclosed the reasons why this crime-drama series is a must-watch.

Joel implied how mind-blown he was upon seeing the roster of powerful cast is and that each of the character has their own story, too. John, meanwhile, shared how he immediately felt the different energies radiated by his co-actors as soon as he stepped on the set, which really went well on the scenes.

Janice wasn’t able to contain her excitement for us to see the scenes they did, which, according to her, we might not have probably seen yet on television. Angel teased us further by commenting how “brave” the story is and how we’ll certainly get hooked by it once we start watching it. Epy seemingly seconded it by commending how courageous their two directors are in telling the story and how spectacular the ensemble cast are.

Even though she’s been in the industry for quite some time, former child star Xyriel still couldn’t believe that she is able to work with them. JC, Seth, Zanjoe, and Janine also shared the same enthrallment towards their awe-inspiring castmates and the riveting narrative.

Are you excited as us to see Dirty Linen? Well, you better not miss its pilot episode this coming January 23, on Kapamilya Channel, Kapamilya Online Live, A2Z, and TV5!