5 scenes of Leona as a cruel and toxic mother to Chiara in “Dirty Linen”

Mothers are expected to be warm and loving. But, others can be poisonous, like Leona Fiero (Janice de Belen) in Dirty Linen. She’s so focused on building her own empire that she forgets about what really matters: her daughter Chiara (Francine Diaz)’s happiness.

On the other hand, her toxic relationship with Chiara is one element that continues to intrigue viewers, as many wonder why she’s genuinely caring to her eldest child Aidan (Zanjoe Marudo), but never to her youngest.  What’s more, she doesn’t even treat her like her own. Check out this Friday 5 video that shows Leona’s intense hatred toward her daughter.

A typical mother would feel proud of her child’s achievement, except Leona, who ignored Chiara’s gold medal win in a Math contest. Only their housemaid Manang Precious (Rubi Rubi) expressed pride and happiness, as well as their new helper Alexa/Mila (Janine Gutierrez), who congratulated her.

Leona is heartless when it comes to Chiara. She doesn’t care about her daughter’s activities or if she needs company. It’s like she’s disgusted by her presence in the mansion. But when Chiara messes up, she has the time to give punishment. In one scene, when Chiara went home drunk from partying with friends in a bar, Leona welcomed her daughter with a slap and sent her out of the room.

She never appreciated her love. In another scene, Chiara and Aidan meddled in their parents’ argument. Chiara embraced Leona and protected her from Carlos (John Arcilla). However, Leona was appalled at Chiara’s sweet gesture, and she didn’t care if her child felt offended when she asked her to let go.

After Carlos’ funeral, Leona found Chiara grieving in their room. Her daughter threw in questions about her relationship with Olga (Andrea del Rosario) and her alleged involvement in Carlos’ death. Of course, the allegations triggered Leona to show her extreme attitude. She violently tossed her bag at Chiara’s direction and asked her to leave the mansion.

It seems Leona doesn’t mind making Chiara’s life a living hell. Don’t miss an episode of Dirty Linen, weeknights, on Kapamilya Channel, Kapamilya Online Live, TV5, and A2Z.