5 enthralling, trending scenes from the pilot week of ‘Dirty Linen”

Dirty Linen is just on its second week but the intense tale of vengeance is already giving us a cathartic viewing experience. Here’s a Friday 5 recap of the most trending scenes from the series’ pilot week.

We begin with the world-class display of dramatic prowess in the first episode where Olivia (Dolly de Leon) was shot while hiding inside a closet in the Fiero mansion. The killer’s identity is only one of the mysteries that blanket this enthralling plot. Olivia’s family – her young daughter Alexa (Erika Clemente) and husband Diego (Arnold Reyes) – heard a gunshot on the other line before their phone conversation was interrupted. That would be their only clue to what could’ve possibly happened to Olivia.

The scene cuts back to the mansion. Leona (Janice de Belen) and Feliz (Angel Aquino) found Olivia’s body and discovered that she is pregnant.  Leona and husband Carlos (John Arcilla) dragged Olivia’s body out. Three other helpers – Lydia (Ruby Ruiz), Riza (Liza Diño), and Noel (Karl Medina) – tried to escape using the Fieros’ service vehicle upon discovering Olivia’s body inside the trunk of Carlos’ car, leading to a deadly chase with Ador (Epy Quizon) and a road crash that killed them.  Ador, at Carlos’ command, buried all the bodies together with the vehicle at a construction site, which will soon become the family’s cockpit arena.

The teleserye is lauded for its socio-political undertones, specifically systematic injustice and greed of the rich and privileged. There was a scene where Doña Cielo (Tessie Tomas) was serenading the audience at the cockpit arena, the shot hinting at the skeletons buried underneath the structure. Leona received an emergency phone call about her son Aidan (Zanjoe Marudo). She looked for Carlos and found him getting intimate with their new female staff.  Seemingly unaffected, she informed Carlos of Aidan’s road accident, then, paid the staff her final salary.

The flashback revealed that Aidan’s accident was orchestrated by Alexa (Janine Gutierrez), Max (Christian Bables), and Lala (Jennica Garcia) to give them the opening needed for their revenge.  In that way, the Fieros will be indebted to Alexa, but instead of accepting the monetary compensation for her hospitalization, Alexa would request a permanent job as a maid in the mansion.

Netizens also found Francine Diaz’s ‘cake’ scene impressive. What happened was Alexa, now in disguise as Mila, tried to win over Chiara (Francine) by bringing her a cake to celebrate her win in a math contest, which was ignored by her mom Leona. Chiara was offended, though, assuming that Mila did it out of pity. She flipped the cake and shouted at their new maid.

Last Friday was intense, highlighting the stars’ “mata-mata” acting or expressing emotions through the eyes without dialogues. In the final scene in this montage, Max and Lala were reviewing the videos Mila managed to retrieve from Ador’s computers in his secret room. The clips revealed Ador’s dirty side job as a porn hub operator. He forces women including the mansion’s nannies into prostitution, and one of his victims was Rolando’s wife, Riza. Lala sent Riza and Ador’s scandal to Alexa and Rolando, causing the latter to fume with anger and pain. Alexa ran to her ‘Tatay’ upon seeing his desire to storm inside the mansion and punish Ador. She held him tight and explained that they can’t touch the Fieros, not yet. Joel didn’t have any line to utter but he trended for the intense emotions shown in his eyes.

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