5 entertaining quarrel scenes of Chiara and Tonet in ‘Dirty Linen”

One of the most enjoyable parts of being a Dirty Linen fan is watching the new generation of stars display their full acting prowess. And we love it even more when there’s sarcasm and deliciously entertaining ‘bangayan’ in their scenes, for which we can count on Francine Diaz and Xyriel Manabat.

What makes it better is that Francine and Xyriel give new flavors to classic teleserye confrontations. They never resort to hysteria. They just have to deliver their lines in a witty and low-key savage manner, making it all the more satisfying. 

In this video, Friday 5 presents the young actresses’ spicy face-off scenes in Dirty Linen.

Apart from their mansion, the campus is their favorite warzone. In the first clip, Tonet called out two of their classmates, her OG best friends, for bullying Nico (Seth Fedelin) by putting trash inside his bag. She insinuated that her friends changed for the worse since getting close to Chiara. The latter entered the classroom just in time, and got the message: She was being described as a bad influence. The war of words circled around who influenced who to be bad.

When news about Aidan (Zanjoe Marudo)’s arrest due to his participation in a fight club arena spread, Chiara naturally came to his defense. However, Tonet implied that Aidan has had temper issues, which isn’t a secret to their family. Chiara expressed disgust over Tonet tainting Aidan’s name instead of protecting him like what family does.

Well, a family can get uninvited to her own cousin’s party like when Tonet was deleted from Chiara’s guest list. But, she sure knows how to play her cards, by stressing that Chiara can’t even win her mother’s love because she’s a brat. Pro 'maldita' tip from Tonet: wound your enemy's ego through her weakness.

When the big day arrived, Chiara was upset after somebody hacked her laptop to send an email informing her classmates that the party was cancelled. Chiara weaved the clues together and concluded that Tonet was the culprit. Chiara confronted her cousin. She must be so mad she declared that they’re not just F.O. as in friendship over, but C.O. Read: Cousins over!

Infuse the rivalry with some ‘boy issues’ and it sure is going to get a lot fiercer. Amid their family drama, Nico was there to comfort Chiara. Of course, Tonet was jealous, thus she pointed out that Chiara seems to be copying her Kuya Aidan, who fell in love with their maid Mila (Janine Gutierrez). Tonet pressed that Chiara became exactly the people she used to insult, bringing up the many times her cousin mocked her mom, Feliz (Angel Aquino), for marrying her poor dad, Ador (Epy Quizon).

Triggered, Chiara replied that Aidan and Mila are not yet married, unlike Feliz and Ador. Chiara failed to control her ego and look down on Tonet’s “poor” family, prompting Tonet to comment, “Welcome back sa totoong matayog at matapobreng Chiara Fiero.”

In the final clip in this video montage, Tonet teased Chiara for hanging out in a cheap place with Nico. Knowing where the sarcasm is coming from, Chiara tried to provoke Tonet by telling her that she can also bring her ex-friends to the same cheap place so she doesn’t have to feel envious. Burn!

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