15 superb acting moments of the “Dirty Linen” ensemble cast

Dirty Linen is lauded for its aggressive narrative that sheds light on important issues such as injustice and greed of the rich and privileged. But even a controversial plot wouldn’t be as striking without a formidable cast ensemble in command of their characters. In this series, everyone has his or her own brilliance to showcase. But together, they create a compelling harmony of different thespic styles.

Kapamilya Toplist rounded up the most lauded, explosive acting moments of the Dirty Linen stars, so far.

We begin with the world-class display of dramatic prowess in the first episode where Olivia (Dolly de Leon) was shot by an unknown character while hiding inside a closet in the Fiero mansion. Leona (Janice de Belen) and her husband Carlos (John Arcilla) dragged Olivia’s body out, while Feliz (Angel Aquino) and Ador (Epy Quizon) had their respective roles to play in burying the truth about Olivia and the other three helpers’ death.

The young Alexa (Erika Clemente) was praised for her on-point portrayal, with some even calling her a superstar in the making. Her dramatic confrontation scene with her father Diego (Arnold Reyes) after she went to the town of Alhambra in an attempt to investigate was so moving.

Also on the list is Aidan (Zanjoe Marudo)’s violent scene where he beat up the guy Chiara (Francine Diaz) bumped into in a bar. Aidan was triggered when the stranger talked about the Fieros’ nefarious deeds but he was noticeably fazed by the sight of blood. He got the no-mercy attitude from his father Carlos, it appears. In the next sequence, Carlos tortured the staff caught stealing in their business.

Netizens also found Francine Diaz’s ‘cake’ scene impressive. What happened was Alexa, now in disguise as Mila, tried to win over Chiara (Francine) by bringing her a cake to celebrate her win in a math contest, which was ignored by her mom Leona. Chiara was offended, though, assuming that Mila did it out of pity. She flipped the cake and shouted at their new maid.

Two weeks into airing, the ensemble cast has already created their distinct style dubbed as “mata-mata” acting, which we witnessed when Alexa and Rolando (Joel Torre) received a copy of the latter’s wife Riza (Liza Diño) and Ador’s sex scandal, which Alexa obtained from the computers in Ador’s secret room.  Alexa ran to Rolando upon seeing him fuming with anger and pain. She held him tight and explained that they can’t touch the Fieros, not yet. Joel didn’t have anything to utter but he trended online for the intense emotions shown in his eyes, while Janine was lauded for her crisp line delivery

Therefore, we weren’t surprised when Rolando wanted to punish Ador for forcing his wife into prostitution. He brutally hit Ador when the latter approached him to borrow a lighter. But this was all in Rolando’s imagination. There was also a scene where he was reminded of his past with Riza, specifically the time when Riza left pregnant with their child because of his vices.

That was just the beginning. The next episodes were a lot more intriguing and ‘nakakagigil’ as Alexa’s group managed to expose Ador’s skeletons. Her accomplices Lala (Jennica Garcia) and Max (Christian Bables) secretly played Ador’s video scandal in the middle of the awarding ceremony for the Fieros as Family of the Year. The family confrontations that followed ran a stretch of emotions. Ador got a taste of Doña Cielo (Tessie Tomas)’s wrath and even his wife Feliz and kids Tonette (Xyriel Manabat) and Clint (Raven Rigor) were disgusted and humiliated.

The Pavias were lauded for the scene where they sent Ador out of the mansion. Tonette stole the show when she chided her father for ruining their reputation, which resulted in a huge drop in her follower count. It was followed by a loving moment between Feliz and Doña Cielo. Though it was silent and just purely dramatic, the two actresses complemented each other’s brilliance that somehow we were moved, not enraged. It was a rare moment for Doña Cielo to express her concern and love for Feliz, who she ignores most of the time.

Then, there was Angel and Epy’s gripping confrontation. A group of unidentified men abducted Ador and brought him to a warehouse. There appeared a mystery woman, who was later on revealed as Feliz. The betrayed wife concocted the right blend of all sorts of emotions – anger, frustration, disgust, and even love. She demanded answers, to which Ador replied that creating porn videos was the only and easiest option for him to provide for their wants, his facial expressions rousing pity. 

Closing the list is a big confrontation among the Fieros. What happened was Feliz brought Ador home and fought for him, triggering Doña Cielo’s fury. And when Feliz sounded like blackmailing her family after they refused to let Ador into the mansion again, Doña Cielo spitted out a warning that if Feliz brings the family down, then, they will all rot as one.

Dirty Linen is truly a no-holds-barred series. Catch its episodes, weeknights, on Kapamilya Channel, Kapamilya Online Live, and A2Z.