Olga & Leona in Dirty Linen

A review of the comments on social media is enough to tell just how viewers are in awe of Dirty Linen’s plot twists and progressive storytelling. One element that proves it deviates from the ordinary is the unexpected angle between Leona (Janice de Belen) and Olga (Andrea del Rosario)’s characters. Re-watch their scenes via this Kapamilya Toplist.

Olga was introduced in the story as the Fiero clan’s trusted legal counsel, thus audiences assumed that her closeness with Leona was purely business until the two started to reveal their feelings. The truth is Olga provides the genuine love, support, and care Leona craves, emotions that she couldn’t get from her husband Carlos (John Arcilla).

In the first scene, Olga proved that she knows Leona's needs even without being told. She booked a spa session for them, knowing Leona is stressed out with all the problems surrounding the Fiero family, and these are problems that she’s expected to solve. 

Olga is there to listen whenever Leona laments how she feels unvalued at home despite her effort and good work. In times like these, she breathes her encouragement and support, telling her that she deserves to snatch the empire from Dona Cielo (Tessie Tomas) and promised to stick around on her way to the throne. 

She makes a way to give Leona the spotlight she deserves. There was a scene where she tapped a news reporter to feature Leona’s incredible work advocating women empowerment. Her happiness is to see Leona’s inner prowess shine and help her succeed, even if she stays on the sidelines in the meantime. She’d be the last person to make her fade. 

Olga supports all of Leona’s decisions, including running a fight club called Lioness Den. In their conversation, the two declared that Leona would be the last person to get dragged into the Fieros’ downfall. If the clan fails, at least she still has an empire of her own. 
Conflicts at home send Leona running to Olga, who welcomes her with open arms each time. The scene where she patiently listened to Leona’s rants about her marriage with Carlos and her problems involving Aidan and Mila (Janine Gutierrez) proves that she completely understands. No judgment. Just pure acceptance. In the scenes that followed, she told her, “I’ll always believe in you.” 

Having been a witness to all the trouble and pain that come with being a Fiero, she asked Leona to escape with her. She handed her an envelope with their passports and documents carrying their new identities. They could easily leave and hide if they want to. She said that if Leona is worried about Aidan (Zanjoe Marudo), they can tell him the truth and she will love him like her own. However, Leona decided to stay. 

Whenever Leona goes through difficult days, Olga is there to cheer her up. She can make her smile so easily through words of affirmation, or a private time together somewhere Leona feels at home. A kiss is an effective antidote to stress, too. In one scene, she thought the best way to support her was to just be present, give her quiet assurance, and let her know that she can unwind and start moving forward – away from the Fieros. 

However, Leona feels stuck with the family she’s served with all her heart. Don’t miss an episode of Dirty Linen, weeknights, on Kapamilya Channel, Kapamiya Online Live, TV5, and A2Z.