10 times Clint bullied Nico in “Dirty Linen”

Have you hated someone at first sight? Clint (Raven Rigor) did. He felt a sense of visceral distaste just seeing Nico (Seth Fedelin), a resort staff, approach Chiara (Francine Diaz) during their vacation. He knew immediately, for some reason, that Nico is a threat. Thus, he’s been trying to get rid of him by making his life a living hell. Watch how Clint bullies Nico via this Kapamilya Toplist from Dirty Linen.

At the resort, Clint got worried when Chiara went missing the whole day. He only had one suspect in mind — Nico. So, when Chiara and Nico went back together to the resort that night, Clint exploded and attacked Nico, whom he implied is a bad guy.

Their worlds turned smaller when Nico got a scholarship at the same university, thus Clint got more determined to destroy his enemy. He’d come up with aggressive moves to scare Nico, but the latter remains unfazed.

Clint had to recruit a team. In a scene,  his friends staged an accident inside the computer laboratory that will cause Nico to spill water onto a powered-on unit. The incident brought both camps to the guidance office where Clint’s friends used control and power to manipulate the situation.

They just never run out of bullying tactics — hitting, kicking, pushing, and making pranks. One time, they put paper trash inside Nico’s bag and played innocent when confronted by Tonet (Xyriel Manabat), who came in Nico’s defense. Adding spice to the drama is Tonet and Chiara’s ‘kontrabida’ show-off as they bring up each other's influence in their classmates' behavior.

In another scene, Clint tripped Nico, who surprisingly took the courage to fight back. Clint was all the more enraged when his victim said that no one is going to oust him out of the university. It was as if officially declaring war.

And so the war begins. Clint intentionally kicked Nico’s shoes, which he got as a special gift from his father Rolando (Joel Torre). Clint said he thought it was trash, to which Nico replied that it only reflects who the real trash is.

With Dennis (CJ Navato) backing him up, Nico delivered the best clapback in front of the other students. He said all Clint does is spit out threats and create noise but never really proves himself the mighty guy he claims himself to be.

Of course, it doesn’t end there. The other camp took revenge by beating up Nico and Dennis. Thankfully, Chiara saw the incident and rushed Nico to the hospital.

Power-tripping really runs in the Fiero blood.

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