10 times Christian Bables delivered high-quality acting in “Dirty Linen”

Alongside its gripping narrative and grim atmosphere, another element that keeps us drawn to Dirty Linen is the excellent performance of the ensemble cast including award-winning actor Christian Bables.

Christian breathes life to the ‘avenger’ Max, the techie guy of the group, who harbors special feelings for Alexa/Mila (Janine Gutierrez). He puts on a charming façade but is cunning and vengeful inside. And it seems there are a lot more riveting events that his character has yet to go through. But, first, here’s a recap of his outstanding moments in the teleserye as compiled by Kapamilya Toplist.

Changing your accent for a role is not an easy thing to do, but Christian has proven his versatility just on the pilot episode where he posed as Alexa’s former boss to work out the background check conducted by Precious (Rubi Rubi).

In the middle part of the teleserye, Christian started to take on more powerfully haunting scenes as his emotions started to manifest. He captured the pain of unrequited love in that scene where Alexa confessed that she’s starting to believe Aidan (Zanjoe Marudo)’s innocence. His bitter reaction was too much to bear, as well as his subdued emotions in the scene where Lala (Jennica Garcia) begged him to also look at her the way he sees Alexa.

Christian shines even in his quiet moments, such as when he tried to save Lala from the Fieros. He secretly listened to Ador (Epy Quizon)’s drunk confession about the helpers they silenced. Max knew whom Ador was referring to. Wearing a mask to conceal his identity, only his eyes and hands conveyed emotions, and the way unease and rage loomed in his eyes was completely amazing.

He cried in silence as Lala gets sexually assaulted by the enemies, and then waited for the perfect time to attack. The way he held Lala’s hand to stop her from picking up the gun hit viewers. He didn’t want her to stain her hands with violence.

Christian found a great ‘partner’ in Jennica. Their chemistry is palpable. Remarkable things happen whenever they share screen. Take, for instance, their ‘iyak-tawa’ conversation after Lala escaped her abductors. There were rage and pain in his eyes as he listened to Lala, then a subtle glint when she started to use her humor. The chaos in their emotions was so real and perfect.

Christian was simply marvelous in his confrontation with Zanjoe from a recent episode. Captured by authorities, Max was forced to face Aidan and was asked to confess his group’s schemes. However, Max vowed that he will never divulge anything because he isn’t a criminal, but the Fieros are.

Christian delivered his loathsome best, trying to provoke Aidan by mocking his family. He punctuated his dialogues with manic laughter, knowing that his words are making Aidan squirm. This was a challenging scene, and Christian brought it alive to perfection with his impactful theatrics.

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