10 shining moments of Francine Diaz in “Dirty Linen”

Francine Diaz is making her supporters proud through her on-point portrayal of Chiara Fiero in Dirty Linen, a rich girl with an unhappy life. She stuns not just with her beauty, but intense acting skills to match. Check out her golden moments in the trending teleserye via this Kapamilya Toplist.

The young star delivered a breathtaking tapestry of emotions – pain, longing, and anger – in the first scene where she lashed out at Alexa/Mila (Janine Gutierrez) for bringing a cake in her room to celebrate her win in a Math contest, which was ignored by her mom Leona (Janice de Belen). Chiara was offended, assuming that Alexa did it out of pity. She flipped the cake and shouted that she is used to being alone, and that doesn’t mean she needs to be pitied. But when left alone in her room, Chiara cried in silence, her tears enough to convey how neglected she felt.

Family problems prompted the young Fiero to rebel by partying and drinking with her friends. When she went home after Manang Precious (Rubi Rubi) picked her up, Chiara got a taste of Leona's wrath. She was slapped and called a disappointment. The hurt and frustration on her face left an immense impact on us, viewers, as if she was saying that she needs love than punishment.

In another scene shared with Janine, she poured her emotions over Aidan (Zanjoe Marudo)’s arrest. She said that her brother might have depressive episodes, but he is not a murderer and that she’s certain he will clear his name and come home soon. Francine’s sweet character turned powerfully striking as she unleashed her distress.

Another moment to attest to her potential as a dramatic superstar is when Aidan broke the news about Carlos (John Arcilla)’s death. Her performance was soused in sorrow and disbelief – no dialogue, just tears. That was similar to her scene with Xyriel Manabat, who plays Tonet. She cried non-stop while holding Carlos’ photo, and leaned on Tonet, who didn’t say a word but whose presence was enough to communicate comfort. We’d also like to give props to Xyriel, whose silence and “mata-mata” acting complemented Francine’s beautiful crying.

Francine’s pain was so palpable it was hard not to cry with her in the interment scene. Again, she only cried and embraced Tessie Tomas, who plays her grandmother, Doña Cielo, and that was enough to paint the hell that her character was going through. In the succeeding scene, she called Nico (Seth Fedelin) to ask if he could bring her somewhere, any place that holds no remnants of her father’s memories.

Francine shares plenty of screen time with Janice, and most of them are dramatic and confrontational. And in each one of them, she delivers. The video montage ends with Chiara grieving over Carlos’ passing, trying to catch his presence through the smell of his old things in his room when Leona came in. Chiara tossed in questions about her mom’s affair with Olga (Andrea del Rosario), resulting in a verbal clash where she wasn’t the winner. Poor Chiara was sent out of the room, and the mansion.

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