10 scenes that prove Leona does her best to love and protect Aidan in “Dirty Linen”

Leona (Janice de Belen) might come off as intimidating, cold, and controlling, but that doesn’t make her incapable of loving, especially her son Aidan (Zanjoe Marudo). And whatever people say about her behavior and parenting style, she will do what she thinks is best for her son. In this Kapamilya Toplist, we rounded up scenes showing Leona trying her best to be a good mother to Aidan in Dirty Linen.

Leona never admits that she’s overstepping boundaries. She only thinks that she knows best. Her love language is clearing the path for Aidan, meaning taking away potential distractions like their housemaid Mila (Janine Gutierrez).

She’s seen this before – an important man in her life getting involved with a maid. The last thing she’d want is to see Aidan follow the footsteps of his womanizing father, Carlos (John Arcilla). That explains why Leona called out Aidan for his harmless act of driving Mila to the bus terminal and allowing her to take a day off due to a family emergency.

His safety and success are her focus, hence her frustration when Aidan participated in his club fight arena in an attempt to knock on her conscience. 

When nightmares haunt Aidan, Leona is the first person to embrace him. In one scene, she patiently soothed his anxiety and put him to sleep. She will never get tired of doing these for Aidan. After Aidan’s depressive episode, Leona watched him sleep, then, she and Carlos (John Arcilla) agreed that his recovery is more important than his participation in their family business.

And because she wants nothing but the best for her son, Leona interferes even in his relationships. And although she’s more in favor of Sofie (Elisse Joson) than his chosen one, Mila, still she wouldn’t sacrifice Aidan just to save their failing family business. In a scene, she told Aidan that while she’s against his romance with Mila, she wouldn’t waste time terrorizing the latter.

In the final scene, she told Aidan that he can deal with Sofie professionally and assured him that the latter won’t be a problem. When Aidan thanked her for defending Mila, Leona clarified that it was him she stood up for. “Gagawin ko ang kaya ko hangga’t kaya ko,” she promised her son, who, in turn, appreciated her efforts to keep their family standing still amid challenges.

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