10 scenes of Sophie and her obsession over Aidan in Dirty Linen

Sophie (Elisse Joson)’s commanding beauty and boldness make her come off as a kontrabida. But, to be fair, we can tell all she’s trying to do is love Aidan (Zanjoe Marudo) and keep him in Dirty Linen. In this Kapamilya Toplist, we feature Sophie in scenes that show how much she loves Aidan – even if he may never love her back again the way she does.

Nothing is fiercer than a woman ready to get back her territory, hence Sophie’s strong entrance in the series. She surprised the Fiero family after going home from the States, and the Fieros were clearly delighted to see her again. It turns out their connection goes beyond their concern about Aidan’s happiness. The Fieros desperately need Sophie and her dad’s help in reviving their failing businesses.

With that kind of advantage, she thought it’d be easier to win Aidan back. However, she was surprised, and disappointed, when Aidan hinted at their bitter past. Sophie acknowledged she did something bad, which remained a mystery to viewers at that point, but she promised to redeem herself and rekindle their romance.

Do you know the way to a man’s heart? Sophie thinks it’s winning his family first until he gives in to the pressure and decide to reciprocate her feelings. That’s how she played the game. Sophie proved she is smart by keeping a warm relationship with Felize (Angel Aquino), Aidan’s closest family member aside from his sister Chiara (Francine Diaz). That way, she could have an instant connection with Aidan and a guarantee that he isn’t dating other women.

However, tension seeped in through Sophie and Aidan’s rocky relationship because of Mila/Alexa (Janine Gutierrez). Call it female instinct, she smelled Mila as a threat the moment she saw her. When she said they must troubleshoot problems before it worsens, she wasn’t talking about their project anymore. She was referring to Mila.

Nothing spells desperation than begging a guy to love you back, as Sophie did when she insisted Aidan’s search was over the moment she came into her life. They’ve been together since college, she said. And she doesn’t have the time to wait around longer. Sophie wanted Aidan to make a choice right there and then.

And because he didn’t, she made the big move by proposing marriage to Aidan in public and in front of his family and her father. Her world crumbled when he said no. Yet, the rejection and humiliation she received weren’t enough to kill her fierce fighting spirit. While her dad wanted her to accept the situation and move on, she remained determined to win Aidan back, thinking that he just needed some time to think it through.

She knew from the start that she wanted Aidan to be in her life, and she will stop at nothing until she gets his heart.

Where will Sophie’s strong feelings of love lead her to? Don’t miss an episode of Dirty Linen, weeknights, on Kapamilya Channel, Kapamilya Online Live, TV5 and A2Z.