10 Francine versus Xyriel scenes in “Dirty Linen”

Teleserye enthusiasts live for confrontation scenes – the feistier, the better. And this formula won’t fade anytime soon, with the young generation of stars, which Francine Diaz and Xyriel Manabat belong to, learning to perfect the art of spicy back-and-forth in a teleserye.

Kapamilya Toplist presents their most entertaining face-off scenes in Dirty Linen

What started as a silent rivalry would turn into a savage war over some boy issues when Chiara and the rest of their squad noticed that Tonet has been flirting with Nico (Seth Fedelin), a resort staff, since they arrived there. The group laughed at Tonet’s cheap taste, which helped them score a boat courtesy of Nico to go island hopping. 

At the Fiero mansion, Chiara was making a scrapbook of their trip but excluding photos that have Tonet in them. Now, here comes Tonet ready to push Chiara’s buttons by insisting her photos be included in the scrapbook. 

Chiara just cut the drama and walked out, while Tonetsmiled in satisfaction and said that she always gets what she wants. 

In the next scene, though, Chiara proved that she is the Fieros’ golden child when Tonet confronted her for stealing friends. Tonet fired the first round of insults, saying that not everyone will like Chiara, not even Nico, and that some people get close to her just because she’s a Fiero. Besides, she pressed, Chiara is too sheltered and a boring companion. 

The equally ‘palaban’ Chiara retorted that Tonet isn’t likable to everyone as well. Though there was no hysteria vented out in this showdown, the witty exchange made it too satisfying, with Chiara’s strong comeback punctuated with, “At least ako, Fiero. Ikaw, ano nga ulit apelyido mo?”

From the mansion, we move next to the cousins’ other favorite warzone – the campus. Star student and class president Chiara stood in front to ask for nominations for the position of class muse, which Tonet confidently owned by nominating herself, and Nico as her escort. And since there were no protests, Tonet won. 

During their first meeting as class officers, Nico suggested creating an online portal for students, which Tonet applauded like a fan girl. She even pitted Nicoagainst the class vice president. Meanwhile, Chiara opted for silence, which came off as deadly. 

Chiara switched her fierce mode on in the next scene. What happened was Tonet called out two of their classmates, her OG best friends, for bullying Nico. She insinuated that her friends changed for the worse since getting close to Chiara. The latter entered the scene just in time, and got the message: She was being described as a bad influence. The war of words circled around who influenced who to be bad. 

When news about Aidan (Zanjoe Marudo)’s arrest due to his participation in a fight club arena spread, Chiara naturally came to his defense. However, Tonet implied that Aidan has temper issues, which isn’t a secret to their family. Chiara expressed disgust over Tonettainting Aidan’s name instead of protecting him like what family does. 

Well, a family can get uninvited to her own cousin’s party like when Tonet was deleted from Chiara’s guest list. But, she sure knows how to play her cards, wounding Chiara’s ego by stressing that she can’t even win her mother’s love because she’s a brat. 

When the big day arrived, Chiara was upset that somebody hacked her laptop to send an email informing her classmates that the party was canceled. Only Nicoand Tonet came in attendance. Of course, keeping it more fun, the girls low-key insulted each other, with Chiara’s controlled anger coming to an epic close with, “Kain ka na, eat all you can. Kainin mo na baka wala niyan sa inyo, eh.” 

Enough with the war of words, this time, they got physical when Chiara confronted Tonet for sending the email. She must be so mad she declared that they’re not just F.O. as in friendship over, but more especially C.O. Read: Cousins over! 

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