WATCH: FranSeth scenes in “Dirty Linen” to make you feel kilig

If you’re hooked on Dirty Linen, we’re pretty sure you have fallen in love with FranSeth’s tandem. Amid sky-high expectations for their love team, Francine Diaz and Seth Fedelin deliver acting-wise and in terms of chemistry. Check out their best moments as Chiara and Nico via this Kapamilya Update feature.  

The video opens with their first meeting in a mall. They bumped into each other and Chiara thought Nico was just being kind because he was supposed to as part of his job as a janitor. Nico smiled, smitten. He explained that he isn’t a janitor and introduced himself, which Chiara acknowledged. But she didn't tell him her name.

As destiny worked, they became classmates when Nico applied for a scholarship at the same university where Chiara studies. And, inevitably, they grew close. Remember the ‘kilig’ feeling when you sit next to your crush in class? We were hit right in the feels when Nico got excited as the teacher asked him to sit beside Chiara.

Nico became the antidote to Chiara’s ‘taray’ mode and her longing for affection. In one scene, she was kind toward their helpers, much to Alexa (Janine Gutierrez)’s surprise. It turned out a simple text message from Nico is enough to transform her into sunshine. She even thanked Alexa for bringing her cake and replied to her queries.

Whenever she’s grumpy and uptight, only Nico can make her smile. In the scene where she worried about her mom Leona (Janice de Belen)’s reaction to her flopped pool party, she realized that she and Nico can still have fun. She burst into a sweet smile when Nico showed off his quirky dance moves.

How do you sweep a girl off her feet? Compliment her, like Nico did when he said Chiara looks good in her photos taken in Paris. Sharing a late-night conversation is a reliable ‘ligaw’ tactic as well. We end this video montage with Chiara calling Nico to check on him after he was beaten up by Clint (Raven Rigor). The two were too cute for words trying to hide their ‘kilig’.

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