Tonet’s playful moves to steal Nico’s attention in “Dirty Linen”

Tonet (Xyriel Manabat) is the type of girl to go after what she wants. She doesn’t just sit around and let the universe do all the work for her. She makes things happen herself. There’s no way she’ll waste time waiting for the guy she likes, Nico (Seth Fedelin), to make a move. She’ll do it herself. Watch how she tries to get his attention via this Kapamilya Update video from Dirty Linen. 

When Tonet’s squad including her cousin Chiara (Francine Diaz) and brother Clint (Raven Rigor) went to a beach resort, they met the adorable staff Nico, who Chiara bumped into in a mall before. But, Tonet liked Nico in an instant and started to flirt with him.

They went island hopping accompanied by Nico and Dennis (CJ Navato), giving Tonet the chance to act subtly wild. She sought Nico’s opinion about her swimsuit and asked if she can go skinny dipping, then, requested him to fix her top’s back string.

She dominates all their conversations since Nico is always uninterested. His body language says he’s unavailable, but Tonet doesn’t take ‘no’ for an answer. She managed to get his digits, then, flirted like a pro by subtly poking his ab muscles. She’s so into him!

Tonet kept in touch and even invited Nico to a milk tea date using Chiara’s name as lure. She made sure to broadcast this on her social media page to imply that they were hanging out and he gave her flowers, which, in reality, were for Chiara. Her flirting moves weren’t that cute anymore when she opted to backstab her cousin just to earn points in Nico’s heart. After their fake milk tea date, she stole a kiss from him. 

Chiara and Nico’s shippers sure hated her when she chimed in their supposed sweet moment. Tonet was elated to see Nico on campus and learn that he is taking an entrance exam. What was her flirting technique here? Well, she kept on asking questions and volunteered to tour him around the campus.

Of course, we can’t leave out the scene where she nominated herself as the class muse, and Nico as her escort. Her confidence really does wonders for her soul. And since there were no protests, she got exactly what she wanted.

“Bida-bida” is the word to describe Tonet when she invited Nico to Chiara’s pool party and teased him to wear his underwear instead of proper swimming attire. Imagine the joy when Nico said he’ll come in attendance. And since only Nico came, Tonet launched her mission to get the guy’s whole attention by entertaining him, as if she were the party host.

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