Janine Gutierrez Capsule Wardrobe

She’s definitely admired for being one of the most beautiful faces and talented artists in the country at present. But aside from that, Janine Gutierrez is also admired for her delightful sense of fashion. And in the latest video uploaded on her YouTube channel, she turned into a fashion guru as she enthusiastically shared the 10 pieces of clothing that she can definitely live without.

The award-winning actress commenced the vlog by imparting how she’s able to transform her full-size wardrobe into a capsule wardrobe, which she defined as “basically a lesser number of pieces that you rotate on a daily [basis] depending on if you’re going to the office or somewhere formal. You have everything for every occasion just by mixing and matching these different pieces.” Thus, in order to demonstrate how she does the mixing and matching, she brought 10 items out of her closet that are apparently her must-haves!

Before proceeding, Janine conveyed that, in recent years, she’s been really wanting to shop clothes more intentionally by trying to buy less fast fashion and investing in pieces that can last a long time, especially if it’s like a big purchase or a bit more expensive like bags or shoes. She tends to take her time to ponder about it, taking into consideration if she could use a piece for the next 10 years or if she can pass it down someday.

“I know it sounds extreme, pero kasi I got a lot of hand-me-downs from my lola, and I hope that eventually, all my pieces are worthy din of handing down or passing on para talagang sulit ‘yong cost per wear – the girl math – sulit ‘yong buy, and, ‘you know, it’s more sustainable if you shop less but shop a bit more intentionally,” she explained.

Her capsule wardrobe is comprised of a classy black dress that was already on her, a dressy asymmetric white crop top, a white vest top, a black mini skort, a pair of denim jeans, a classic pinstripe trousers (which she just learned to love during the pandemic), a crisp white polo shirt, a fashionable leather brown jacket, an oversized denim jacket, and an A-line white maxi skirt. She also included four stylish pairs of footwear in her demo, which are sneakers, ballet flats, pumps, and slippers.

Janine went on to put a few pieces together as she gave suggestions on what accessories go well with those and to what occasions they are preferably worn. From going on date nights or lunch dates with family, friends, and/or significant other and traveling and roaming around, to running errands, having a casual day out, attending events or Sunday service, and even going to work, her capsule wardrobe amazingly got her fashion needs all covered!

She also debunked the notion that she has plenty of stuff in her wardrobe since she’s a celebrity and she usually has photoshoots, but she revealed that a lot of the clothes that she uses for work or events are actually from designers and stylists. And the ones that she presented in this vlog are the pieces that she really wears on her own.

“You can make so many different looks with just 10 pieces of clothing. I had fun sharing a bit of my capsule wardrobe with you, guys, and I hope it inspires you also to look back into your closet with fresh eyes and see what you can mix and match and really spice up or freshen up and use for things that maybe hindi n’yo naisip na pwede pala ‘to sa pang-formal or pwede pala ‘to sa pang-errands. And I’m excited to see what you, guys, do with your capsule wardrobes also,” she expressed at the end of her vlog.