Get laughter and kilig from Abe and Precious’ scenes in “Dirty Linen”

From their ‘tsismisan’ bonding to sweet moments, Rolando/Abe (Joel Torre) and Precious (Rubi Rubi) are giving viewers a different kind of ‘kilig’. The mansion’s “new loveteam” will definitely make you smile with their scenes collated in this Kapamilya Update video from Dirty Linen.

The budding relationship started with a cup of coffee. He offered her the drink one morning in the maids’ kitchen. She refused, so he gave her water instead. And when he found out she was headed to her hometown in San Bartolome, he took the chance to offer her a ride, inducing teases from the other ‘marites’ housemaids.

Precious is comical perfection whenever she plays hard to get. Eventually, she softened up and offered to pay Rolando for driving her to the bus station. The exchange went longer since he resisted until a snatcher took the money from her hand. Though Rolando failed to catch the thief, his effort was worth it. Precious was impressed, playing coy at her knight and shining armor.

Rolando doubled his effort by the time Precious returned to the mansion, knowing this might help marinate the revenge his team wishes to serve. In a scene, he insisted to help her sweep dried leaves in the garden, injuring his finger from trying to get the tool from her.

Precious treated Rolando’s wound in the small office where he saw a photo of the missing house helpers including his wife Riza (Liza Diño). Now, with the opening he needed, he asked about the photo and heard again the old rumors that the helpers escaped after stealing from the Fieros. Precious was about to spill something about Olivia (Dolly de Leon) but the conversation was interrupted by a phone call.

In the next scene, Rolando again offered Precious a ride. While on the way to San Bartolome, Precious couldn’t help but divulge the never-dying gossip about Olivia’s affair with Carlos (John Arcilla), which she said is the reason why Leona (Janice de Leon) won’t allow other women to ride on Carlos’ car. And this, according to Precious, is the reason Leona and Doña Cielo (Tessie Tomas) fear that Aidan (Zanjoe Marudo) might take on the same path by falling for a maid, who is none other than Alexa/Mila (Janine Gutierrez).

The plot is getting more exciting! So, don’t miss an episode of Dirty Linen, weeknights, on Kapamilya Channel, Kapamilya Online Live, TV5 and A2Z.