5 reasons why watch Dirty Linen

Around eight months since Dreamscape Entertainment announced that they’re going to start filming the series Dirty Linen in May 2022, many of us were surely enticed by its peculiar title and thought-provoking tagline: “Stained by lies. Washed by truth. Handle with care,” which hinted that it’s going to be a fusion of drama, crime, and suspense.

Dirty Linen Poster

And we’re able to prove that are assumptions are correct when the trailer was released last December, teasing us what the story will be about, as well as showing us some of the intense scenes that we should look forward to.

Here are five reasons that may enkindle your excitement about it.


First team-up of Janine Gutierrez and Zanjoe Marudo

While Dirty Linen serves as Janine Gutierrez’s second teleserye ever since she transferred to ABS-CBN in 2021, this is Zanjoe Marudo’s umpteenth time to be the leading man. We had probably seen them be paired with other actors, but this is actually their first to work and be teamed up with one another.

Janine will play the role of the lead protagonist Alexa Salvacion, who seeks to find out the truth about the death of her mom many years ago. At the same time, she also wants to attain justice and take revenge by working for the Fiero family, who allegedly had something to do with it as a maid named Mila Dela Cruz.

Zanjoe’s character Aidan happens to be a scion of the said aristocratic family and the full trailer hinted that they’re going to have a romantic connection, which we have to find out if that will be for real or just part of the grand scheme that Alexa and her group have to accomplish.


Francine Diaz-Seth Fedelin loveteam debut

Aside from Janine and Zanjoe, another tandem that we should watch out for is Francine Diaz and Seth Fedelin, who from being paired with their fellow young actors, are teamed up with one another this time!

Francine’s character in Dirty Linen, Chiara Fiero, hails from a wealthy family, while Seth’s role Nico Sinag is underprivileged. But despite coming from different social classes, fate will make their lives intertwined, which is up for us to find out by not missing an episode of the series once it begins airing.  


Powerful, award-winning ensemble cast

While the aforementioned artists are arguably enough for us to infer that the upcoming series is going to be sure-fire because of how talented they are, you’re certainly going to be mind-blown once you see its roster of supporting cast. They’re simply not just talented and versatile but are also among the top-caliber and award-winning actors in and out the local entertainment scene.

The powerhouse ensemble cast are comprised by John Arcilla, Soliman Cruz, Joel Torre, Janice de Belen, Angel Aquino, Epy Quizon, Tessie Tomas, Susan Africa, and Andrea del Rosario, and were joined by younger breed of artists, namely, JC Santos, Jennica Garcia, Christian Bables, Xyriel Manabat, and newcomer Raven Rigor.

Even the actors themselves were delighted and astonished to be given the opportunity to work with each other and in this truly one-of-a-kind and massive teleserye helmed by brilliant directors Onat Diaz (Wildflower) and Andoy Ranay (The Good Son, The Broken Marriage Vow), who have apparently mastered creating revenge dramas.


Takeaways on family values and fighting for justice

Just like any other series or movies, we’re not only going to expect superb storytelling and compelling performances from Dirty Linen, but valuable morals about life and love as well. Since it features stories of different families, this is surely going to be loaded with family values. It will make us further realize the importance of family and how we can go to great lengths in order to protect and fight for our loved ones.

At the same time, this is going to inspire us as well to be courageous in fighting for what we know is right and just, as the Janine’s character and her group are going to put their lives on the line in pursuit of finding out the truth behind the deaths and misfortunes of their loved ones in the hands of the wicked Fiero family and making sure to make them pay for what they had done.


Mind-blowing, cutthroat scenes every weeknight

Dubbed as “pamatay na teleserye”, we are certain that Dirty Linen is going to treat us with fierce and intense scenes that could make it difficult for us to sleep every night. Just seeing the scenes included in the trailer, we can infer that our primetime viewing will become more exciting and fierier, to the point that we’re perhaps going to find ourselves on the edge of our seats or covering our mouths or eyes because of how shocking it could be. Some of the cast also teased that we’re going to witness that we either seldom see or haven’t seen yet in any series on local TV.

Dirty Linen Poster

So, brace yourselves for intense and shocking weeknights beginning on January 23, on Kapamilya Channel, Kapamilya Online Live, A2Z, iWantTFC and TV5.