KapUpdate Chiara vs Alexa Dirty Linen

Some people are just spoiled and self-centered. These personalities are overly pampered that they think highly of themselves. They never mind if they hurt others as long as they speak their minds and get things in their own way. A perfect example would be Chiara (Francine Diaz), who isn’t scared to show her nasty side, especially to their maid Alexa/Mila (Janine Gutierrez). Check out her ‘maldita’ scenes in this Kapamilya Update video from Dirty Linen.

Chiara may look like the perfect student at school. But when she’s at home, she’s a little terror. Remember when she lashed out at Alexa for bringing her cake?  What happened was Alexa, now in disguise as Mila, tried to win over Chiara by bringing her a cake to celebrate her win in a math contest, which was ignored by her mom Leona (Janice de Belen). Chiara was offended, though, assuming that Alexa did it out of pity. She flipped the cake and shouted at their new helper.

She had no chill when she found out about Alexa’s growing closeness with her brother Aidan (Zanjoe Marudo). She stormed to the garden area where Alexa was watering the plants. One thing about Chiara is that she thinks being a Fiero is a license to look down on others. Without hearing Alexa’s side, she called her names from “sinungaling” to “gold digger,” “malandi,” and “nakakasuka.”

In another scene, while having her lunch, Chiara couldn’t help but mock Alexa by referring to her as “langaw.” There was also a scene where she warned her to stay away from Aidan, saying the latter will never fall for a maid. Chiara will never run out of horrible things to tell Alexa, triggered to the core.

In the next clip, she aired out her frustration after she was assigned a new chaperone at school – none other than her mortal enemy, Alexa. Of course, the ‘gigil’ was real when Aidan brought Alexa to their family meal time and introduced her as his girlfriend.

“Magising ka na nga sa katotohanan kung ayaw mong gawin kong bangungot ‘yang magandang panaginip mo,” she threatened Alexa, not knowing the girl in front of her can do so much more than make the Fieros’ lives a living hell.

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