Jennica Garcia’s acting in Dirty Linen

Portraying a multifaceted character, one that’s fierce on the outside but scarred on the inside, can be a tricky job. It cannot be forced. It takes organic talent, which Jennica Garcia is born with – hence her magnificently moving performance as Lala Millado in Dirty Linen. Check out her scenes via this Kapamilya Update video.

To embody the femme fatale Lala Millado, the Kapamilya actress dons a ‘bad girl’ attitude evident in her movement and the icy glow in her eyes. But she’s more than just the quirky and ‘palaban’ girl. Lala also hides deep emotions, such as jealousy. “Sana dumating ‘yung panahon na ‘yung nararamdaman mo para kay Alexa, maramdaman mo rin naman para sa akin,” confessed Lala to Max (Christian Bables) in an episode, sending viewers to a place of ‘kilig’, and also pity, as we all know she’s waiting for a love that might never happen. And for the first time, we saw the tough girl burst into genuine tears of love and hurt.

Sharing the screen with veterans John Arcilla and Epy Quizon was a true test of her acting mettle. Lala was captured by Carlos (John) and Ador (Epy) and learned about her grandma’s fate. The incident fanned her raging desire for vendetta. And the manner she spitted threat at Ador’s face was haunting and heartbreaking at the same time.

The talented actress doesn’t starve her audiences with emotions. Add to this list the scene where she escaped her abductors and reunited with Max and Rolando/Abe (Joel Torre).

Jennica has given it her all – from sobbing out of pain to trembling due to fear. She wanted to report Carlos to the police, however, Max and Rolando said it'd only bring them danger.

She put out another outstanding performance in a conversation with Max where she recounted her bitter past. She revealed that she was molested many times over by her stepdad and customers in a club where she worked as a dancer. She then smiled through the tears when Max promised to be her protector.

Jennica showcased a mix of emotions in her scene with Janine Gutierrez, who plays Alexa/Mila in the series. She admitted to setting Carlos’ office on fire, which allegedly caused his death.  Her performance was so moving, so palpable it was hard not to cry with her. There was anger in the beginning as she narrated what happened, and then, she circled back to pain and despair. The chaos in Jennica’s emotions was so real it hurt the audience.  

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