What are the dream superpowers of “Darna” cast members?

With the pandemic still not over and everything going on, some days just feel harder and more stressful than most. It makes us wish for special abilities to survive day-to-day tasks or do things that will keep us happy. With that, the cast of Mars Ravelo’s Darna had practical answers when asked their choice of superpowers if they could have any. 

Darna herself, Jane De Leon would love to possess the ability to pass through solid matter similar to Shadowcat in “X-Men,” as well as to fly and become invisible, “Para makapag-travel ako, makapag-sneak in ako sa eroplano at makapunta ako sa concert ng BTS.”

For Janella Salvador aka Valentina, teleportation would be very useful, “Kasi marami kang matitipid. Makakatipid ka sa transpo, sa oras. You’ll just be able to go wherever you want.”

Mom-to-be Iza Calzado would choose a power that will help her make a difference in the world by promoting unity, “Gusto ko ma-connect ko lahat ng tao because we are no longer united. So, basically, I want to have that power to unite each and every living being kasi I feel like we are one and interconnected.”

Joshua Garcia was reminded of the film “Jumper” wherein the main character teleports in just one jump. He would love to have that ability for this very practical reason: “Makakatipid ka sa mga passport. Wala ka nang babayarang ticket. Walang swab.”

Paolo Gumabao wishes for the gift of super speed, which he believes is more exciting than teleportation, “I think teleportation is boring, walang challenge, nando’n ka na agad. At least ‘pag super speed, madadaanan mo ‘yun lahat. Kumbaga, parang may run trip ka.”

Nevertheless, teleportation has its own significance in the world of superheroes. And when Young JV talked about his wish to teleport ala Nightcrawler, we can’t help but think of our traffic woes.

Simon Ibarra wants to know what people think of him, and the superpowers for that is definitely mind reading. Meanwhile, Zaijian Jaranilla wishes he could see the future like Doctor Strange.

LA Santos thought it would be fun to be able to stretch any part of his body similar to Pinoy superhero Lastikman. The fiercely opinionated Dawn Chang would love to be bestowed with smart powers, “’Yung ako ‘yung pinakamatalino, alam ko lahat.”

Mark Manicad thought it would be awesome to be like Fantastic Four’s Human Torch. Well, don’t you think he’d look as hot as Chris Evans in a bodysuit?

If he had a superpower, Richard Quan would focus on creating peace in the world, “Parang gusto ko isang snap ko lang maso-solve ‘yung problem worldwide, about war, magiging peaceful isang snap ko lang. ‘Yung pagiging disrespectful ng mga tao, magkakaroon sila ng respeto. Maso-solve ang hunger. Something like that na superpower para happy lahat ng tao.”

Would you also like to have these superpowers, Kapamilya?

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