Andrei & Noah as villains in Darna

Andrei (Young JV) and Noah (Paolo Gumabao) are done comporting themselves as gentlemen. Motivated by pent-up emotions like jealousy, they embraced their powers as Extras and used that to get back at the people who ‘destroyed’ them. Watch them transition from quintessential barkada to villain-in-tandem via this Kapamilya Toplist of scenes from Mars Ravelo’s Darna

We all know that Noah asked Andrei’s help in pursuing Narda (Jane de Leon). This act established how close they have always been. While Andrei agreed to be Noah’s wingman, he reminds him to never toy with Narda’s heart, to which Noah agreed. 

Their bond has been deeply established since their earliest scenes together. Andrei is aware of his friend’s temper but he also knows how to tame him. They are each other’s confidantes. Noah would rant to Andrei about his toxic relationship with his father Mayor Zaldy (Simon Ibarra). 

Andrei saw Narda’s positive effect on Noah, how she inspires him to be a better man and son. Therefore, he turned more supportive of his love life. Cue the silly gimmicks to get a girl’s attention, which Narda found more annoying than sweet. They woo together, so they also get disciplined as a team. 

Noah’s first time receiving his father’s approval calls for a celebration. Andrei was surprised Noah was praised for his work at the Rehabilitation Center for Extras, but he was thrilled about his friend’s improvement. It was the scene where Noah said Narda inspires him to fix his life and move on from his broken past. 

Andrei was there during the build-up, so it makes sense he was the first person to know that Noah was slowly winning Narda’s heart.  Just when he thought he was getting there, Noah was told that Brian (Joshua Garcia) is a threat to his love life. Andrei showed a video of Brian’s visit to the Vanguardia Foundation office, which displayed the obvious sexual tension between the cop and Narda. 

Never underestimate the power of jealousy to turn a man into evil. When Noah discovered he has transformed into an Extra, due to Mayor Zaldy injecting him with a serum after his accident, Noah decided to use his ability in taking revenge. He creates fire at will, especially when triggered by painful memories of his father and his deep-seated rivalry with Brian. 

Instead of fear, Andrei felt excitement. This is because he, too, has turned into an Extra with a similar ability. He was then swayed to Noah’s side even if it means betraying Narda and his other friends in the Vanguardia Rescue. 

With distorted motives, driven by madness and revenge, the two had fire and fight training in their hideout. They went to the Nueva Esperanza Charity Ball that night to ruin the event by setting fire to the venue. Brian caught them. But Mayor Zaldy ordered the cop to spare his son. 

Back in their hideout, Noah and Andrei celebrated their successful ‘test run’ and said they have never felt this powerful. 

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