How Jane De Leon practiced the iconic ‘Darna’ shout

Apart from the stunts and signature red superhero costume, fans also look forward to Jane De Leon’s own style of shouting ‘Darna’ as she transforms into the warrior woman very, very soon.

In case you’re wondering, yes, it was Jane who shouted ‘Darna’ in the recent teaser. She said her family helped her practice the iconic shout, “Kasi nagpa-practice ako lagi sa bahay, eh. Ang importante comfortable ka at may conviction ka ‘pag sumisigaw.”

Jane is starting to feel the jitters as “Darna: The TV Series” approaches its premiere. But at the same time, she’s also excited for fans to see the masterpiece she and the team have been working on for two years now.

It was a long process for Jane, from auditions to the pandemic almost halting the production of the much-anticipated teleserye. But instead of filling her mind with doubts, she surrendered everything to the Man above.

"Siyempre, noong mga panahon na ‘yun, hindi ko alam kung matutuloy pa ba o hindi na. But, ako naman, everything has a reason eh. Na kay Lord ‘yan, di ba? Sinurrender ko sa kanya ‘yun. But God let this happen, so may purpose talaga Siya,” she mused. And now that she’s taking flight as Planet Marte’s heroine soon, Jane is thankful that the trust of ABS-CBN's bosses never waned despite the hurdles.

Jane also talked about her bond with her co-stars, starting with Iza Calzado, who plays Leonor, her mother who passes on the magical stone to her. According to Jane, Iza learned about her bagging the role even before she did,   “May sinabi siya sa akin na ‘see you soon’ kasi magkakatrabaho daw kami. Ako naman, wala akong idea. Nung time na ‘yun, alam na pala niya na ako na si Darna.” Jane is grateful to Iza for helping her and bringing food on the set. 

On Janella Salvador, playing Darna’s archnemesis Valentina, Jane admitted they felt awkward at first due to their introverted personalities. But now they bond like sisters. “Siguro n’ung time na nagsi-uwian na lahat tapos kami na lang natira sa lock-in, sa hotel, nando’n siya sa kwarto ko nag-movie marathon lang kami tapos sharing sa good and bad memories at anong pwedeng i-advice namin sa isa’t isa,” she looked back on when their closeness started.

Meanwhile, with her leading man Joshua Garcia, Jane admitted they’re still in the process of getting to know each other. They recently went to Dubai for a show and have somehow bonded, although they spent more time catching up with their respective families and friends there.

Asked to describe Darna, Jane went for ‘love and sacrifice’ because, surely, it takes solid passion and commitment to mount such a big action series. And we’re thrilled to finally see the output Jane and the rest of the cast and creatives have been preparing for all of us.

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