If they could freeze time for a day, here's how the "Darna" cast would spend it

If you could freeze time for a day, how would you spend it? The cast of Mars Ravelo’s Darna answered this question. Some of them think it wouldn’t be all that practical while others would pause to make time for loved ones, hobbies, and even saving humanity.

Don’t you think it’d be interesting to see Darna (Jane de Leon) have the ability to stop time aside from moving at super speed? And if she could have this superpower in real life for a day, Jane would likely spend it eating everything she craves for.

As Valentina in the series, Janella Salvador would likely stop time to finish her enemies with her venom. But in real life, affectionate Janella would just be in bed hugging the people she loves if the hours stand still.

LA Santos would love to have unlimited moments with his girlfriend. On the other hand, Young JV would do things for himself.

The pandemic made us hate the feeling of time speeding up when we want it to slow down, and vice versa. If he could, Mark Manicad would’ve delayed the pandemic so we still have more time to enjoy living a normal life.

The question reminded Dawn Chang of what she really values, which is time spent with people she holds dear, “Nothing else matters but your loved one whether they’re your friends, family, or whoever basta mahal mo sa buhay”

Paolo Gumabao would take ‘frozen time’ as a chance to learn and improve himself. Richard Quan thought of a noble mission to fix everything he finds wrong in this world, “Sometimes life is too fast for us to even think kung ano’ng ginagawa natin. So, I guess freezing time, somehow makakatulong ‘yun to slow down and think kung ano’ng ginagawa ng mankind sa isa’t isa at sa Mother Earth.”

Meanwhile, Zaijian Jaranilla thinks he’s  making the most of every second, thus no need to halt the passage of time, “Ayaw kong i-freeze ‘yung time kasi pinapahalagahan ko ‘yung bawat oras ko sa araw-araw, ‘yung paano ko i-spend ‘yung oras ko sa family at mga kaibigan ko. Ayaw kong matigil ‘yun dahil lang sa gusto ko. Gusto ko lang magpatuloy. Go with the flow lang.”

Joshua Garcia thought so, too, “Okay na ‘yung time na ganyan siya.”

Simon Ibarra likewise would rather deal with time as is, “Gusto ko lang continuous lang ang buhay… Ayaw kong magkaroon ng gano’ng kapangyarihan na patitigilin ko ang oras.”

At first, Iza Calzado took the question lightly and imagined setting up a money heist.  “Kukunin ko lahat ng pera sa mundo tapos ilalagay ko sa banko ko. Now, I have so much time because money buys you time,” she quipped. But, on a serious note, she’d rather submit to time and its own power, “Why would I freeze time? Unless I’m dying, that’s the only reason for me to freeze time. But even that, I will surrender.”

These answers remind us that while it’s impossible to freeze time, we can still be mindful of how we spend it.

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