First "Darna" Iza Calzado slayed the Emoji Challenge!

Iza Calzado's regal screen presence and acting brought huge star power in the first episodes of Mars Ravelo's Darna. Since the online universe can't get enough of her perfection as Planet Marte's first warrior woman, who trained and passed the magical white stone to her daughter Narda (Jane De Leon), here's Iza sending everyone good vibes with her sassy facial reactions in the Emoji Challenge!

In this game, the gorgeous actress will have to act as emojis in reacting to specific situations. Obviously, she gives amazing acting performances on screen, so it's no surprise she was able to give life to even the most complicated emojis.

Like, how do you emulate the "smiling face with three hearts emoji? She did it with smiling eyes, rosy cheeks, and finger hearts! That's how she'd react if she gets a surprise gift from her husband Ben Wintle. Sweet surprise: Iza and Ben are expecting their first child! The announcement coincided with Iza's birthday last August 12.

Back to the game, Iza looked like the " frustrated emoji" when asked how she'd react to receiving a hate message.

While others might respond with shock or frustration to high electric bill, Iza would just grin and act chill. Not that she's happy about it but she'd rather not stress over it, either, "Ngingiti ka na lang."

If she receives an acting award, she would react with the "praying hands" emoji to mean gratitude. She also reacted to losing in a bet and missing her flight.

Iza is such a good emoji actress, and she had us gawking at her face that's gorgeous as always no matter how wacky she gets.

Were you as impressed as us watching Iza's Emoji Challenge? And her role as Leonor/Darna?

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