5 times Narda and Brian’s new relationship made us ‘kilig’ in “Mars Ravelo’s Darna”

She may have a gargantuan responsibility to protect and save people but Narda/Darna (Jane de Leon) deserves to be happy, too. Finally, she gave in to her feelings for Brian (Joshua Garcia). And they are showing us a kind of love that’s pure and selfless. Be inspired by their sweet romance shown in this Friday 5 video.

The first scene takes us back to that moment after Brian realized that Narda and Darna are the same. He finally had answers as to why Darna reminded him of Narda at all times. After all, the heart would just know. When it was time for Narda to confess, she made sure to tell Brian even how much she loves him.

Finally, there was nothing to hide. It was also the time when Narda got Regina (Janella Salvador)’s support about her relationship. The new couple would then take a break from their intense missions and enjoy each other’s company. There was a scene where they had a simple street food date in a park. The healthiest thing about this relationship is the way Narda and Brian support each other. Duty over love. They both understand each other’s obligations to the people of Nueva Esperanza, especially Brian to Narda.

But don’t assume that Brian can’t go elaborate on his date ideas. In one scene, he surprised his girlfriend with an intimate dinner in a place adorned with balloons and flowers. He said it’s his way to express how much he appreciates Narda’s effort to save the world. But he also wants her to take a moment and enjoy how beautiful the world is. The two embraced each other while staring at the night sky.

Our hearts scream ‘sana all’ whenever Brian expresses how lucky he is to have snatched the heart of Darna herself. When they went to the Nueva Esperanza Charity Ball as each other’s date, he couldn’t help but stare at the beauty that was in front of him, saying he seems afloat in his dreams. Of course, he got the blessing of Lola Berta (Rio Locsin) and Ding (Zaijian Jaranilla), and even Narda’s friends gushed over how good they looked together.

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