5 times DarLentina expressed love and comfort through warm hugs in “Mars Ravelo’s Darna”

A hug is one of the sweetest, warmest things in the world. As for Narda (Jane de Leon) and Regina (Janella Salvador), it’s their way to communicate comfort and reassurance. When one of them feels down, angry, or frustrated, just a tight embrace from the other is enough to replace the negative feelings with love.

Check out the most aww-inducing DarLentina hugs via this Friday 5 video from Mars Ravelo’s Darna.

When Regina was overwhelmed by pressure and sadness, she found Narda and ran to her for a hug. That felt so satisfying. There were no dialogues uttered. But we felt Regina’s vulnerability and her melting in that embrace. We felt the organic connection between them, that even without saying a word, Narda knew the calm that Regina badly needed, as if that hug is the teddy bear of Regina’s heaviest moment.

A hug can replace misunderstandings with love. It transcends anger. There was a scene where Regina humbly instigated their reconciliation after she unintentionally raised her voice at Narda. They hugged and felt a huge weight has been lifted off their chest. Narda said fights are normal among friends and sometimes it even proves how deep the friendship is, borrowing her Lola Berta (Rio Locsin)’s advice that friendship trials, when surpassed, will only make the relationship stronger.

Narda giving up her feelings for Brian (Joshua Garcia) for Regina’s happiness is an appropriate scene for a hug, right? Regina said she isn’t worthy of her best friend making a huge sacrifice but she’s grateful, to which Narda replied with a tearful promise to do anything for Regina.

The bigger the emotions, the tighter the hug – there is nothing more ‘kilig’ than Regina showing up Narda’s house and holding her so tight, saying, “I just wanted to see you.” They were glad to have found a “karamay” in each other. This was when they both felt the weight of the ‘responsibilities’ that chose them. The two sipped tea and stayed up late chatting at the Custodio abode until they both dozed off.

The final scene in this video montage sure ripped the hearts of DarLentina fans. Now, it’s Regina’s turn to make a sacrifice by telling Narda to follow her heart. By that, she meant Narda must accept Brian’s love if that’s what’s been troubling her. We felt the pain when Regina said she’d fight back once Brian hurts her best friend. Then it all ends with a tight, heartfelt embrace.

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