5 thrilling face-off scenes of Darna and Valentina in “Mars Ravelo’s Darna”

Darna (Jane de Leon) almost captured Valentina (Janella Salvador) after their recent encounter. Well, the Serpent Queen is as determined to win and is currently searching for Darna’s whereabouts, too. 

As the rivals passionately gear up for their next showdown, here's a Friday 5 video featuring their previous fights in Mars Ravelo’s Darna.

The video opens with Narda (Jane)’s nightmare where she bumped into a group of muggers that easily collapsed through her combat skills. But a bigger enemy showed up. The next thing she knew, Valentina’s minions were trying to squeeze her to death. And as if that wasn’t enough, Heneral Borgo got into the battle to help Valentina secure her victory. Then, Narda woke up and escaped death.

The Vanguardia Foundation employees couldn’t keep their calm when Darna and Valentina fought right before their eyes as the X-Triad attacked the building. Darna’s protests against Valentina punishing the Extras led to a fierce, thrilling action. As Valentina’s minions smothered Boy Chop-Chop (Henz Villaraiz), Darna showed her power move by clutching Valentina’s snake tentacles until the latter lets go of the young Extra.

Valentina tried her best to steal the spotlight from the exalted hero of Nueva Esperanza. The third fight scene in this video started with a fierce confrontation on their opposing views about the Extras and culminated in intense duel dominated by Darna. However, the snake goddess escaped again. 

Fantastic action happens whenever Darna and Valentina come across each other while patrolling Nueva Esperanza, although Darna knows her priority, which is to save people. In a confrontation inside a warehouse, Darna said she has no time for the Serpent Queen before flying off. With her enemy showing no interest in her, Valentina erupted into full-blown beast mode.

Valentina’s wish to face Darna finally happened. However, Darna was again busy with something more important, which is to stop Heneral Borgo from destroying humans. “Huwag ngayon,” Darna said as she easily knocked Valentina out using her full strength. 

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