5 scenes from Mars Ravelo’s Darna that prove JoshNella’s chemistry is still real

The internet freaked out when Joshua Garcia and Janella Salvador were confirmed to reunite via Mars Ravelo’s Darna, almost two years since their mega-hit series The Killer Bride. Fans looked forward to seeing again their ‘kilig’ chemistry. Well, the tandem never disappoints. The magic is still present on-screen even if they play contrasting characters, a villainess and a stalwart cop, in the superhero teleserye. 

And because your JoshNella hearts crave for more, here’s a Friday 5 video featuring scenes of Joshua as Brian and Janella as Regina in Mars Ravelo’s Darna.

They formed quite a team in fighting injustices in Nueva Esperanza through their respective jobs as a cop and a lawyer. Regina asks Brian’s help in solving her client’s cases, but of course, it doubles as her tactic to get close to him. In the first scene, they met in her office to discuss the case of Javier (Dominic Ochoa), who disappeared after coming forward as the whistle-blower on the shady contracts between their municipality and the construction firm he’s working for. After their discussion, Regina thanked Brian for his assistance. They smiled at each other, and admit it, your JoshNella hearts melted.

They continued to solve Javier’s disappearance, and that means more chances for Regina to get Brian’s attention. She’s pleased to call him ‘partner’ and to know that she can always rely on him. Our secret villain was on subtle flirt mode, and honestly, we got ‘kilig’ how she teases Brian with her eyes. She intentionally gazes at him, then, he responds with a bashful smile.

Even a little jealousy can spark sizzling chemistry between them. There was a scene where Regina found out Brian was driving with Narda (Jane De Leon). She didn’t like it, of course, but managed to keep her cool. In another scene, they talked about the fire in Estero de San Lorenzo. Regina said she wishes to help the victims but she feels helpless since the cops couldn’t find solid evidence to prove that there was foul play. While talking, she noticed Brian keeps checking his phone as if waiting for an important call. Albeit jealous, she tried to charm him with her smile. JoshNella makes us smile with just how good they look together on screen.

Another perfect example is their scene at the mall wherein Regina asked Brian to let her talk to the suicide bomber. Nothing fancy, just a quick interaction, but it was more than enough to showcase their chemistry. Didn’t you feel the spark when she clasped his arm to tell him to put his gun down?

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