20 times Janella impressed with her ‘duality’ as Regina & Valentina in “Mars Ravelo’s Darna”

Some actors are good at one type of role – either the protagonist who rouses sympathy or the villain who sparks off fury. But, some can do both.

We’re talking about the duality of Janella Salvador, the actress effective as the mortal with a broken soul, Regina, and at the same time, as the sinister Serpent Queen Valentina.

Check out this Kapamilya Toplist of scenes that show how Janella switches between two conflicting characters in Mars Ravelo’s Darna.

While the antagonist has been portrayed by different seasoned actresses through the years, Janella successfully brought her own spin on the character. Just on her first appearance as Valentina, we took note of her strong emotions that cracked the diabolical inner voices in her head. She displayed rage and frustration as she struggled to fight the murmurs until she slithered into a building as “Babaeng Ahas” and killed her first victim. Janella added a layer of originality to the character through her unique serpentine move.

She reinvented villainy in that Valentina's new-gen version has a story of her own. She only kills the corrupt and abusive, as an extension of her day job as a lawyer. There are plenty of Valentina killings that involve crooked members of the justice system and random criminals in the streets. She saved people who could’ve been victims of rapists and thieves.

In one scene, she used her powers to save a young guy from a mugger and, for the first time, introduced herself as Valentina.

Janella impressed big time in the revelation scene where Regina learned that she being Valentina isn’t just a nightmare. She exploded into huge emotions of hurt and disbelief, unable to fathom how she suddenly became a villain when all she wanted was to be the hero. It was impossible not to feel pity towards Regina in this scene, thanks to Janella’s deeply affecting portrayal.

Regina isn’t your ordinary villain since she had a good heart and worked hard to keep it. However, an abduction plotted by her father Rex (Richard Quan) would unleash her monstrous alter-ego to escape from an attempted sexual assault and kill the kidnappers.  She embraced villainy since, choosing to love the monsters inside her for power. The different path she chooses would stiffen her rivalry with Darna (Jane de Leon).

More than talking to them, she owned the ability to control the snakes. Regina showed up at the office wearing a scarf to conceal the creatures on her head. She went to the ladies’ room, faced the mirror, and ordered her minions to disappear and let her enjoy her date with Brian (Joshua Garcia). The ophidians obeyed, making Regina feel how powerful she is as the Serpent Queen.

Janella shone in her dramatic moments, too, such as when busted by Brian and when lambasted by her own father. Both these men, she was trying to please, hence their rejections hurt her soul. In such moments, Janella tactfully reminds viewers that she plays a human character, too, and that her villainy wasn’t her choice.

The scene in which she sacrificed her feelings for Brian for Narda (Jane de Leon)’s happiness showed a deep level of vulnerability. Again, it’s hard not to feel Regina’s pain in such moments when she’s just trying to be a great friend.

She also had such a raw and powerful range of emotions when she found an answer to why she became a monster. She found out her powers came from the green venom-like shrapnel from the cyborg fought by Leonor (Iza Calzado). She was all the more triggered to kill and take revenge on Darna.

Janella is so good at snap-switching between two contrasting emotions like what happened after Regina accidentally revealed herself in front of a crowd at the Charity Ball. She displayed wrath towards her father, then transitioned into drama as she finally received his approval.

We also can’t miss out the scene where she transformed into Green Darna, then, exploded into her snaky form. It might just be a quick dream sequence but it was refreshing to see Janella in that costume.

One of our favorite Janella scenes, so far, is her chill-inducing monologue in which she vowed, “Ngayon, makikita ninyo kung anong klaseng halimaw ang pinalabas ninyo.” She shouted out her frustration, standing on the cliff edge where it all started.

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