20 scenes that prove Ali will protect Regina at all cost in Mars Ravelo’s Darna

We may call it foolishness, but for Ali (Mark Manicad), accepting everything about Regina (Janella Salvador) including her flaws and even her monstrous alter-ego is only a sign of his affection for her. Kapamilya Toplist rounded up the scenes showing Ali’s loyalty to Regina in Mars Ravelo’s Darna.

Protecting Regina is part of his duties as a bodyguard, sure, but it’s also obvious that his actions are motivated by love. In a scene, he got jealous of Brian (Joshua Garcia), whom Regina has strong feelings for. He kept quiet because all that matters to him is Regina’s happiness, even if that happiness is another guy.

Ali defends and attacks whenever Regina requires help, although he almost jeopardized her reputation one time. Working on a case, Regina learned that the accused, Protacio, plans to escape before the court reads his sentence. Ali tried to help by sabotaging Protacio’s car brakes through a man who is also a notorious carnapper. However, the man would try to extort money and threaten to reveal Ali’s connection to Regina. At that point, Regina slithered into a building as her alter-ego, Valentina, the monster with snakes on her head, to kill the blackmailer.

Ali vowed to protect Regina’s secret even from herself. Until now, the latter remains clueless that she is the Babaeng Ahas. Ali simply makes up stories every time Regina asks what happens when she faints due to headaches or why she’s having intense nightmares about the serpentine creature. He has no plans of telling her the truth about her alter-ego because he believes it will hurt her. And he will never want to see her getting hurt.

He continues to prove his loyalty in both big and small ways. He is there to help when she has drunk too much out of frustration. There was never a time he stopped appreciating her. Especially when she becomes the target of online bashing due to her rivalry with Mayor Zaldy (Simon Ibarra), Ali gives Regina comfort.

He supports her friendship with Narda (Jane de Leon), knowing the latter makes her feel loved and at peace. After all, he only wants what’s best for her.

Recently, Regina’s alter-ego, Valentina, has attacked Nueva Esperanza several times. Regina gets frustrated after hearing news about the Babaeng Ahas, oblivious to her real identity. The Serpent Queen’s attacks result in Regina’s internal struggles. She’s feeling disheartened and alone, and in such moments, Ali never fails to promise that he will stay by her side.

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