Ding & Tricia in Darna

Teenage life is full of excitement and vigor, especially when special friendships begin to blossom. That’s the kind of vibe we get from Ding (Zaijian Jaranilla) and Tricia (Mutya Orquia), whose ‘kilig’ love-hate moments serve as a breather from all the intense action and fight scenes in Mars Ravelo’s Darna. Check out this Kapamilya Toplist of scenes featuring the young tandem. 

Sparks fly on Ding and Tricia’s earliest encounters on campus. There’s something about her that he finds annoying, or maybe, he’s only living up to that age-old aphorism that says “the more you hate, the more you love.” Ding is the number one basher of Tricia’s vlogs simply because he hates watching her risk her safety trying to infiltrate the Extras’ facility for research and content. He’s many times stopped her from sneaking inside the building but she won’t listen. His concern would only spark off a series of ‘bangayan’ and ‘asaran’ until he decided to help Tricia get into the facility to ensure she is safe. 

They almost got caught when they triggered the security alarm system. Noah (Paolo Gumabao), then-head of the facility, found Ding’s school identification. Their stubbornness paid off though. Noah invited them for an exclusive tour around the facility with Narda (Jane de Leon) and Lolo Rolando (Levi Ignacio). 

Ding and Tricia grew closer since. Despite the inevitable bickering, they worked together in expanding their research about the Extras. Through each other’s help, Tricia was able to slowly produce informative content for her followers while Ding managed to hack the CCTV system inside the facility, which was a big help to Darna (Jane de Leon)'s fight against Dr. Ibarra (Lito Pimentel).

Typical of high school students, Ding and Tricia love to poke fun at each other. One time, she laughed at him for being rejected by their teacher, Ms. Annie (Hannah Ledesma). But she tried to make him feel better with ice cream. There was also a scene where Tricia teased Ding for allegedly having a crush on Darna, clueless that the superhero is Ding's sister. 

However, there are scenes where Ding’s teasing hurts Tricia’s feelings. He called her a clout chaser and desperate when she insisted on sneaking inside the facility despite his warnings. But after the fight comes a little ‘kilig’ as Ding tried to make it up to Tricia by giving her ice cream. In another scene, he gregariously held her hand inside the campus. Tricia found it weird and said she can walk by herself. 

When Tricia was saved by Darna and Brian (Joshua Garcia) from her abductors, she also appreciated how Ding made the effort to rush to the crime scene. She hugged him and found comfort. 

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