15 times Noah persisted to court Narda despite her rejections in “Mars Ravelo’s Darna”

Before he transformed into a vengeful supervillain due to a shot of chrysalis that his father Mayor Zaldy (Simon Ibarra) used to revive him after his accident, Noah (Paolo Gumabao) was a romantic guy in love with Narda (Jane de Leon). Although he never really caught her heart, he persisted to prove his love.

Check out this Kapamilya Toplist of scenes showing Noah’s one-sided feelings for Narda in Mars Ravelo’s Darna.

Noah’s ‘hugots’ started when he volunteered to drive Narda and Ding (Zaijian Jaranilla) home after he spotted them walking in the streets of Nueva Esperanza one night. Prior to that, they met as high school kids when Narda saved Brian (Joshua Garcia)’s from Noah’s gang.

Naturally aloof, he hid behind the screen and purchased Narda and Mara (Joj Agpangan)’s online items, with a special request for Narda to personally deliver his orders. They met up at the agreed place and Narda was surprised to know he is the generous buyer. Although Narda appreciates him supporting their business, she wasn’t really pleased with his other ‘ligaw’ tactics. She said all it takes is authenticity to be her friend. So, Noah decided to just show his true self from then on.

He let his feelings be known through his sweet gestures such as by visiting and bringing special gifts for Narda at work. If he must get along with her boss and best friend Regina (Janella Salvador), then Noah would willingly befriend his father’s greatest critique.

Proving his sincere intentions, he visited the Custodio abode to officially ask for Lola Berta (Rio Losin)’s blessing in pursuing her beloved ‘apo.’ He had to make a good impression on Narda’s family, of course.

Love is such a good influence on Noah. He learned to be more compassionate to other people. There was a scene he texted Narda to care for herself, too, knowing she is weary of her huge responsibilities as a rescue officer.

Best of all, love transformed him into a better man. Because of Narda, he learned to be more vulnerable in front of other people, as shown in that scene where he divulged the ugly parts of his relationship with his dad. In a dinner date scene, he confessed to being blamed for his mother’s death, which explains the bad blood between him and his father.

With Narda’s influence, Noah slowly impressed Mayor Zaldy with his work in the city hall. At some point, Mayor Zaldy got so concerned he invited Narda for dinner at his house.

Their next dinner turned into a double date with Regina and Brian. Sensing awkwardness, Noah made sure to really accommodate Narda that night and even offered his coat as she started feeling cold.

He wants to protect her and be a hero in her eyes. He can sense Brian has feelings for Narda, too. But that won’t make him raise the white flag. Noah said he may not have Brian’s weapons and uniform but he has the mind and heart of a hero. To prove he walks the talk, he volunteered to help in Miguel (Henz Villaraiz)’s search. Noah earned a point here as he was able to impress Narda.

However, the courtship wouldn’t enter serious stage as Narda realizes she does not have any feelings for him because she likes Brian more. In one scene, she agreed to have lunch with Noah just to discuss her true feelings. Narda wanted Noah to stop courting her, but he persisted.

Just when love has transformed him into a better man, rejection will awaken Noah’s inner evil back, especially as soon as he finds out Narda and Brian’s relationship.

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