Toplist Klaudio Mars Ravelo’s Darna

Who doesn’t love redemption stories? Even the most villainous characters can have a change of heart and show their heroic side. Hergis/ Kaludio (Joko Diaz) in Mars Ravelo’s Darna is a perfect example.

To recall, Hergis, an alien shapeshifter from Planet Marte, killed Zora/Leonor (Iza Calzado) in an encounter, which was the first test of resilience Narda (Jane de Leon) must surpass. Narda and Ding (Zaijian Jaranilla) hated him to his core. Therefore, nobody saw their alliance coming.

In an amazingly executed twist in the narrative, Hergis, disguised as Klaudio, went to great lengths searching for the protector of the magical white stone to offer his help against Borgo (Richard Quan). The moment he realized Narda is the protector, Klaudio knew he is going to be hard at work earning her confidence in him, let alone her forgiveness.

Klaudio’s motivation was to avenge his son, who was killed by Borgo. Somehow this resonated with Narda, who also lost his mother in the chaos that Borgo started. An alliance was formed. As the only pure-blooded Martean in the group, he provides intelligence about Borgo’s possible plans such as the existence of a chemical that would destroy Nueva Esperanza. He also shapeshifts to spy on Ishna/Xandra (Kim Rodriguez) and must follow any order from the protector.

As the story progressed, Klaudio has displayed remarkable character development in that he sacrifices himself for Darna’s mission. At the time when the group suspected Madam Victoria (Carla Martinez) as Borgo’s possible alter-ego, it was Klaudio who hatched a plan in exposing the old woman’s secret. He posed as a waiter in a restaurant where Madam Victoria was having a meeting, then intentionally bumped into her to touch her nape which is said to be connected to a vein that weakens Martean shapeshifters. However, Madam Victoria had herself protected from such an attack.

Klaudio is willing to die if it means proving his loyalty to Darna. Tasked to capture Ishna as a way to uncover Borgo’s identity, Klaudio engages in death-defying fights. But all these, he does for the sake of Darna’s mission of saving humanity.

Besides lending his physical skills, he also provides Darna with words of encouragement. In a scene after Borgo’s alleged death, he told Darna to have faith in herself and vowed to be vigilant about possible attacks.

Slowly, he took on the role of a silent hero by preparing Darna for her biggest battle. There was a scene where he joined in Narda and Luna (Kira Balinger)’s training, shapeshifting into Borgo, Valentina (Janella Salvador), and a beast in their badass calisthenics. Then, he smiled at Narda as the latter displayed great form and prowess as if saying he is proud of the fighter that Narda has become. Although Luna was reluctant, Narda herself vouched for Klaudio’s loyalty. She said Klaudio has risked his life for her mission more than once.

It was also Klaudio who first detected evidence of Rex Vanguardia (Richard Quan)’s possible connections to Borgo. In the final scene in this Kapamilya Toplist video, he updated Narda and Brian (Joshua Garcia) with essential information that can help them investigate Rex’s true identity. They agreed to meet at a later time. However, Narda will only find Klaudio’s feather, meaning he was forced to shapeshift into a crow amid danger.

Will this be the conclusion to Klaudio’s story arc? Or, will Darna be able to save him from Borgo and Ishna?

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